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5000 Planets for the best replays
5000 Planets for the best replays02 Mar, 2012
  tOMME (0 comments, 1279 views)  

Today I'm introducing my first map, called tOMME01AnabolicDrift. It's mostly a fast phased drift track with boosteres, small jumps, roads, dirt and concrete. There's also some kind of loop mechanism involed, as you clearly can see from the screenshot. The map is about 50 seconds long.

NO Blockmixing
NO Annoying mediatracker effects
NO Wallrides
:done: Podium
:done: Guided tour (GPS)
:done: Youtube Clip (coming soon!)
:done: Fast drift
:done: Loop
:done: Dirt
:done: Concrete
:done: Normal roads


To get people started, interested etc.. I will be holding a competition here on MX. Total prize funding is set to be 5000 planets. The planets are distributed as follows

:gold: 1st 2000 planets
:silver: 2nd 1000 planets
:bronze: 3rd 500 planets
4th 300 planets
5th 200 planets

There will also be a prize for the best dedimania record
:gold: 1st 1000 planets

Competition start date: 02.March.2012
Competition end date: 11.March.2012

Rules of the competition

:build: The rules can be updated continuously by me
:build: I, tOMME, do not participate in the competition. I can however upload demos if I feel for it.
:build: Taking advantage of obvious flaws(cuts, bugs etc..) in the track design will lead to disqualification
:build: Cheating will lead to disqualification
:build: Offline winners will be contacted here on MX, through private message. If an offline winner does not reply within 7 days, he or she will lose their prize.
:build: The online winner must claim the prize himself/herself through private messages on MX. The online winner should also provide necessary evidence for me to validate their 1st place. For example MX+ManiaPlanet+Dedimania account. If an online winner does not reply within 7 days, he or she will lose their prize.
:build: If a person has the best time online and offline, I do not accepted equal times, unless it can be proven that the runs were not identical

Winners will be announced 2 days within competition completion!

best regards,
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