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Location: Home  Blogs  NDC 2013: Maps wanted !! 
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NDC 2013: Maps wanted !!
NDC 2013: Maps wanted !!27 Jul, 2013
  ameliesachs (0 comments, 506 views)  

Hi all Dirt mappers, Nations Dirt Cup 2013 is glad to announce the start of our map search! We ask all of you mappers to help us make a great competition, your maps are vital to us all

You can send your contributions to this

Latest date to send a map is 2013-10-01.

All selected mappers will be featured on our website , and also receive an ingame NDC 2013 Mappers Tag.

If you have any questions, please comment under newspost to NDC main page HERE.

Here are all the informations that should be strictly respected:

Round Style / 100% Dirt Map (or as close to 100% as possible)
Last : 55s => 1min30
Mod: Sunrise / Day (Sunset and Night are forbidden)
Planets : < 3200
Tag: (copy/paste all the tag before the name; xxx=> choose the color code)
$o$s$xxxNDC$000- $i
Name: As you want
Mediatracker: Intro/GPS/Outro OK. Not more.
Mod / Pannels / Signs: DOWNLOAD HERE

New blocks are allowed.

Warning : Hexa modifications are authorized but please do it correctly, no hole, no strange mix and use it for anti-cut for example.

No password : maps will be tested without original name and author name.

Our description of a great Rounds map is:

-The risk of bugs (including landing bugs) should be as low as possible. A good run should have close to 0% risk of bugs.
- It has a nice flow where the speed and turns and jumps all feel fluent and intuitive.
- Difficult passages are placed in low or medium speed sections, with a chance to repair a mistake without loosing too much time.
- High speed sections should be of easy or medium difficulty.
- Well placed CheckPoints, and no cuts possible.
- We prefer medium speed maps (but we can/will mix in a few high- and low speed maps too).
- No boosters please, we simply do not like them!
- No difficult, crucial gear changes that makes you loose or gain alot of time just depending on if you manage to gear up in time or not.

Our team of map selectors will evaluate all maps in anonymous way, they won't know the name of mappers, so maps don't have a password.

If several maps score the same total point in evaluation, we will more often choose the longer maps (this is based on feedback from NDC 2011).
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