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Location: Home  Blogs  Providence! - 9000 Planets Added! 
Providence! - 9000 Planets Added!
Providence! - 9000 Planets Added!25 Dec, 2011
  ali1905 (2 comments, 1146 views)  
Yo guys,

I wanted to introduce you to a page where I took a long time, not for the map but for the screenshot, the gps or video.

-Providence is a map where every type of player can play as a pro rather simply and the times to be tight, it was a very quiet early map, then gradually it gains speed and the difficulty increases as as. In the map there are three platforms, the first allows you to activate the GPS and the second platform there is a U-turn to be performed and the final platform is the platform that will allow you to complete the circuit. In total there are 2 big jumps to do that except with very long and located in the heart of the circuit.:)

-WR Panel was placed at the beginning so that we can well see the record because the car is not very moving at the start. Normally every two days I will update a world record of the map and write the name of the person who broke the record! :cool:

Why Providence?
Recently I started reading a book called Divine Providence, trying to find a name for this circuit I saw this book lying on my table, and I say why not do it, Providence.:)


#WR Panel

#Track info:
-Style: SpeedTech
-Author time: 00'47''790
-Mood: Day
-Coppers: 6092
-Shadows: High Quality

I add 9000 Planets for the top 10 Offline Records!

:gold: 3000 Planets
:silver: 1500 Planets
:bronze: 1000 Planets
4. 500 Planets
5. 500 Planets
6. 500 Planets
7. 500 Planets
8. 500 Planets
9. 500 Planets
10. 500 Planets

Deadline: 14/01/12

Have Fun!

Ali B.
2 comment(s).
  ali1905 writes ... 26, Dec, 2011  
Lik3D"riolu! says:
gonna hunt it for sure :)

I hope Riolu and congratulations for your place in solomode(y)
  riolu! writes ... 25, Dec, 2011  
gonna hunt it for sure :)
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