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Fullspeed by Bladerunner
Fullspeed by Bladerunner28 Dec, 2011
  bladerunner78 (0 comments, 430 views)  
hello tmx community

after some time i am proud to present my new track
he is fullspeed and provides excellent flow at very high speed.
it is characterized by smooth jumps and good controlle of the car.

a beautiful scenery , intro and gps complete the whole.

as a little bonus the track is complet respawnable.
respawn ghosts show you the way.

track infos :

:done: speed
:done: smooth
:done: flow
:done: scenery
:done: intro
:done: gps
:done: respawnable with ghosts

9463 coppers
mood : sunset

it's nice , if you have a moment , to play this track.

I am grateful for every comment. :p

Thank you for your interest

Greeting Blade
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