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RPG Preview Screenshots
RPG Preview Screenshots01 Nov, 2016
  v.neck (13 comments, 1646 views)  
Hello MX:cool:

For the past 2 years I've been secretly working on my RPG. As of today I'm ready to show you some of it.

Imgur Album:

(credits to   SapphiroN for the screenshots)

The track will release early 2017
13 comment(s).
  v.neck writes ... 23, Aug, 2017  
fredair.esu says:
>early 2017 xd

Sooon ™
Now that the RPG titlepack is updated I'm gonna finish it real soon ™
  iHq/fredair.esu writes ... 23, Aug, 2017  
>early 2017 xd
  skyslide writes ... 13, Nov, 2016  
im also working on some mepozid xd
  tcq writes ... 09, Nov, 2016  
Looks incredible(y)
   wormi writes ... 06, Nov, 2016  
Looks damn insane!
  skyslide writes ... 03, Nov, 2016  

ur god


we can play it online

  v.neck writes ... 03, Nov, 2016  
Thanks for your posivite comments :cool:
The filesize with computed shadows is at 1.67 mb right now (700kb w/o) ^^
  qqlele writes ... 03, Nov, 2016  
Best looking track ever, i had privilege to drive beta version and it was amazing experience.
  Linkin|Alex writes ... 02, Nov, 2016  
I remember playing a very early beta of this on Ziza's... All I can say is:o :o :o
I'm looking forward to it!
  skyslide writes ... 02, Nov, 2016  
feinelli is mep
iv wait mor than 100 yrs

over 2mb mapfilesize?
pls say its not more than 2000kb
  Pierrepok writes ... 02, Nov, 2016  
Man for real:o this is looking completely crazy:o:o:o:o:o i hope the track is as good as the atmosphere;) . I could never work on a single track for 2 years it's too much work for me :s
By the way Milkyway team is looking for track for his cup. You can contact us on the rpg forum to talk with us if you want to include your track in an upcoming cup:$ . But there are no problem if you want to release it as a single track:p
   Sky.wp writes ... 01, Nov, 2016  
ôh boy
  iemm98 writes ... 01, Nov, 2016  
looks beautiful(l)
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