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Location: Home  Mappacks  TrackMania One - Speed (V2) Campaign 
Mappack Info Report mappack
Name: TrackMania One - Speed (V2) Campaign
Creator:   UNBITN Studio
Managers:    eyebo.wp 
ID: 780 
Created / Edited: 20 June 2020 08:54:57 / 21 June 2020 03:03:59
TP / Environment: TMOneSpeed / Valley
Type: Campaign
Style: Mixed
Tracklist Released: Yes
This is the 50 official tracks of the TMOne Speed solo race campaign released on June 20, 2020 along with the TMOne Speed titlepack/environment. The tracks were built by 23 members of the community. Authors have been added as co-authors on each map.

Campaign was organized by shadokk, Sparkster, florenzius, and eyebo.

Thanks to the many players who tested the maps and gave feedback about medal times and track layouts. We hope you enjoy this campaign!

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Track List 0 tracks
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