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 MXLC - Two in One

by  Piotrunio  |  26
AT   03:07.940 |  Lagoon / LagoonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  212770 
  Race Grass    
 2021-01-08 19:51:26
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   03:07.708   2 AZ ZyGoTo 26 (100%) 08-01-21
2nd   03:09.477  Roche 20.8 (80%) 08-01-21
3rd   03:09.665  ArkesTM 16.9 (65%) 08-01-21
4th   03:11.771  Larentz 14.3 (55%) 06-11-21
5th   03:12.537  noni 11.96 (46%) 08-01-21
6th   03:20.965  banjee»UD 10.4 (40%) 09-01-21
7th   03:40.056  timmy»UD 9.1 (35%) 07-11-21
8th   03:51.843  Jarektmnx 7.8 (30%) 09-04-21
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 Author Comments
Welcome to Two in One! A long track used for weekly MX Lagoon Cup in 8th of January 2021!

Why name Two in One? The map contains itself built city and a small GP track near it, which is also a part of the actual track.
I had an idea to create new map variations with the usage of GP track, to make an actual multilap tracks out of it, even using another car - CoastCar seems to be the best choice :d

The map itself isn't very difficult to drive, it's easy to read and to understand.
I didn't build too much scenery though, just to reduce chances of lags and most importantly to reduce the chances for everyone to not get joinbug.
I hope you enjoyed the map during the event, if you didn't have an opportunity to participate, now you can check out the map now! :cool:

Good luck, have fun!

Check out my previous map right here:

 Embedded objects48 Objects
Object IX? Object author
L_signblocker.Item.Gbx bushmonkey
DecoCityGardenTr2Slope.Block.Gbx eyebo.wp
DecoCityGardenTrStraight.Block.Gbx eyebo.wp
DecoCityGardenFlatToSlope.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
L_cp.Item.gbx xrayjay
DecoCityArenaBase.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
DecoCityArenaBiSlopeStraight.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
Barrier-2.Item.Gbx Demented
Wall-K-Rail.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Pit.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-PitCurveL.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-PitEnter.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-PitExit.Item.Gbx Demented
PitBox3.Item.Gbx Demented
PitBox4.Item.Gbx Demented
StandRoof.Item.Gbx Demented
Stands.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Curve3.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Curve4.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Finish.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Straight.Item.Gbx Demented
PitBox.Item.Gbx Demented
PitBox2.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Straight.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-CrossT.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-ChicL.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-ChicR.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Curve1.Item.Gbx Demented
F1-Curve2.Item.Gbx Demented
BigRampCutoff.Item.Gbx piotrunio
CityEmpty.Block.Gbx piotrunio
DecoCityBaseCheckpointTeleport1.Item.Gbx piotrunio
CubeLagoon.Item.Gbx piotrunio
GrassLowBankCorner2x2.Item.Gbx piotrunio
ContainerBlue.Item.Gbx piotrunio
LagoonTMTHeliEmbed2LinesSign.Item.Gbx piotrunio
LandMultilapDeco.Item.Gbx piotrunio
Ramp2.Item.Gbx piotrunio
RoadMainBiSlopeMagnetic.Block.Gbx piotrunio
StartLamps.Item.Gbx piotrunio
ContainerPack.Item.Gbx piotrunio
ContainerRed.Item.Gbx piotrunio
LagoonCityBaseCheckpoint2x1.Item.Gbx Piotrunio
LagoonCityBaseFinish1x1.Item.Gbx Piotrunio
LagoonCityBaseStart.Item.Gbx Piotrunio
LagoonTMTHeliDropEmbedDeco.Item.Gbx piotrunio
4X1M.Item.Gbx mimekk
4X1Mid.Item.Gbx mimekk
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Name Creator Tracks Etc
MXLC - MX Lagoon Cup  MX Moderator... 82
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