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by  Faucet  |  11
AT   05:15.233 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Advanced 
ID  213051 
 2021-04-26 17:47:24
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1st   04:51.395  Morhpeo 11 (100%) 29-07-21
2nd   04:54.636  betatoast 8.8 (80%) 19-07-22
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Story :
You've been teleported in the year 2171. As digital ressources and computing were evolving drastically, the quality of life has slowly been decreasing during the years. The city you're about to visit has been left empty due to the fatigue of the population to the new "computer-centric" system. Explore the abandoned metropolis and finally leave it after reviewing all the details you judge useful for the mission.

Special thanks :
  Mitryani who suggested me to use my map for his cup and for gaving useful feedbacks
  astronautj,  Chocolleight,  Demos and   Hazard. for gaving useful feedbacks
  Eternity,  qqlele,  skyslide and   sorrow for making items used in this map
  Harest for helping me dealing with the side quest

More :

  • Project start : June 19th, 2020
  • Release Date : February 28th, 2021
  • Estimated working hours : 200
  • Personal items : 65
  • Side Quest : yes
  • CP numbers : yes
  • A new cutfix version of the map is now available here

Faucet :build:
 Embedded objects86 Objects
Object IX? Object author
GravityCrystal.Item.gbx Skyslide
GroundRemove.Block.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
antenna-red.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
antenna.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Autoslide.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
black-wall_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
black-wall_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
black-wall_03.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
broken-light.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
broken-wall_#3.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
broken-wall_#3bis.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Checkpoint_#11.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Checkpoint_#12.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Checkpoint_#17.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Checkpoint_#5.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Checkpoint_#7.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Checkpoint_#9.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
CommunicationTower.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
container-ramp_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
container-ramp_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
container_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
container_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
container_03.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
cornerwall.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
curved-ramp_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
curved-ramp_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
curved-road_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
EnergyConverterBlue-bis_bySkyslide.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_03.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_04.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_05.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_06.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_07.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_08.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_09.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_10.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
fence_11.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
finishline.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
flat-door.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
flat-roof.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
flickerino-remover.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
flickerino-remover_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
Grue_byEternity.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
hanging-bridge.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
hanging-cable_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
hanging-cable_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
hanging-cable_03.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
hanging-cable_04.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
hexa-tower-fw.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
invis-rail.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
liquid_green.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
magnet-pltf.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
plan-dirt-border.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
plan-dirt-corner.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
plan-dirt.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
plan-dirt1.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
plan-water.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
ramp_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
ramp_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
ramp_03.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
scan.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
sidewalk-curved_#8.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
sidewalk_#8.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
sidewalk_#9.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
slope_01.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
slope_02.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
tower-stadcorner.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
usb-key.Item.Gbx wickedfaucet
75_Fan_#6.Item.gbx maxi031
80_Fan_#5.Item.gbx maxi031
85_Fan_#4.Item.gbx maxi031
Z87_Downhill_16.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z97_Uphill_16.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z83_Corner_16.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z85_Corner_32.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z97_Straight_16.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z99_Straight_32.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z96_Straight_8.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z99_Straight_32.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z70_#6.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
Z80_#7.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
Z96_Straight_8.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z97_Straight_16.Item.Gbx mguytm
Z99_Straight_32.Item.Gbx mguytm
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