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by  Titanwara +1 |  27
AT   04:13.019 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  214627 
 2021-03-01 00:42:36
 Visible (approved) |  Released    2021-02-28T20:00:00.0000000 
 Titanwara — Way + Scenery
 Xilux — Way + Scenery
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# Record User Score Date
1st   03:45.794  Morhpeo 27 (100%) 20-03-21
2nd   03:46.624  SkandeaR. 21.6 (80%) 29-03-21
3rd   03:54.334  Titanwara 17.55 (65%) 03-03-21
4th   51:07.716  Harest 14.85 (55%) 16-04-21
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 Author Comments
Map designed for the RPG Brawl competition.

Together with Xilux we are very happy to present you our project for the Brawl. We realised it in 6 months and we put all our heart into it :d
It is a flying inhabited island centred on a large castle housing the lord of the city. Take a walk or hunt but above all have fun on this map!
 Embedded objects114 Objects
Object IX? Object author
GroundRemove.Block.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
Water x1.Item.Gbx juliusoctopus
&'(hzehrbyilt.Item.Gbx vince0178
a_rgaer.Item.Gbx vince0178
ae(hg.Item.Gbx vince0178
AERBAerg.Item.Gbx vince0178
aererqerv.Item.Gbx vince0178
aeth'-u,.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP Basis.Item.Gbx vince0178
finish.Item.Gbx vince0178
Insane.Item.Gbx vince0178
Big Cloud.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 2.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 20.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 21.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 2a.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 7.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 8.Item.Gbx vince0178
Test 1.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item3.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 1.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 15.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 17.Item.Gbx vince0178
CP 19.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item9.Item.Gbx vince0178
qdfb.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 19.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 20.Item.Gbx vince0178
Skyislandbasis2.Item.Gbx vince0178
Water.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item3.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item4.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item5.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item6.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item7.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item8.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail basis 6.Item.Gbx vince0178
rope 4.Item.Gbx vince0178
rope 5.Item.Gbx vince0178
dsqrg.Item.Gbx vince0178
oui.Item.Gbx vince0178
QERV.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter V.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter X.Item.Gbx vince0178
Little boost.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 21.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 22.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 23.Item.Gbx vince0178
zth.Item.Gbx vince0178
oui.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item4.Item.Gbx vince0178
castle magnet.Item.Gbx vince0178
Castle ramp 3 .Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter I.Item.Gbx vince0178
z(zh-(zht.Item.Gbx vince0178
zqrstj.Item.Gbx vince0178
zr--jqeha.Item.Gbx vince0178
zrgzayhazQF.Item.Gbx vince0178
zrttj_hz.Item.Gbx vince0178
zrttje(uezf_fazzaa.Item.Gbx vince0178
rope 4.Item.Gbx vince0178
rope.Item.Gbx vince0178
rz-nz(ynrzs.Item.Gbx vince0178
uyk;tly.Item.Gbx vince0178
vfredklnqsdfviouog.Item.Gbx vince0178
z(rtjy.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail basis 6.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail basis 7.Item.Gbx vince0178
ramp.Item.Gbx vince0178
rgberzhttr.Item.Gbx vince0178
rope 2.Item.Gbx vince0178
rope 3.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 16.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 17.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 18.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 4.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail basis 12.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail basis 5.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 9.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail basis 4.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 1.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 13.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 14.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 15.Item.Gbx vince0178
qerbzerht.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 11.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 3.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 4.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 5.Item.Gbx vince0178
Rail 7.Item.Gbx vince0178
qdfb.Item.Gbx vince0178
qdtrhth.Item.Gbx vince0178
qe('h.Item.Gbx vince0178
qEARHB.Item.Gbx vince0178
qeetbaerbt.Item.Gbx vince0178
qehh('.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter I green.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter I.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter V green.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter V.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter X green.Item.Gbx vince0178
Letter X.Item.Gbx vince0178
Garden path.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item10.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item5.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item6.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item7.Item.Gbx vince0178
Item9.Item.Gbx vince0178
aht.Item.Gbx vince0178
Arc.Item.Gbx vince0178
Ax.Item.Gbx vince0178
az'-.Item.Gbx vince0178
erht_(-hz.Item.Gbx vince0178
etyjetdqqde.Item.Gbx vince0178
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