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 MTC - United

by  Lars  |  0
AT   01:58.773 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Expert 
ID  221316 
  Endurance Race    
 2021-08-27 21:26:02
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This is my entry for the August MTC of 2021

Theme of the Month: 10th Anniversary Campaign Remix, Remix Nadeo TM2 Canyon Race Campaign maps.

My idea for this theme was to unite all 65 Campaign tracks together in a single Map.
I went from A01 to E05 and always picked ~1-5 blocks to continue the Map with.

All blocks used in the route are copied 1:1 from the original maps, no blocks were added or changed to make the building process easier. (That also includes if the GP blocks were in the opposite direction btw)
The only distinction that I decided on was that it didn't matter if the copied blocks were ground or air variants, I would be able to choose.
The scenery also mostly consists out of multiple different campaign maps.
With 3 Maps (B07, B13, D13) it wasn't possible to smoothly incorporate blocks into the route, mostly because the tracks before or after had no fitting blocks in common with these maps. Therefore I decided to include memorable scenery from these tracks in their section instead.

Throughout the building process I always tried to pronounce the "special" maps of the campaign as much as I could, such as A08, B08, C13, E04 etc.
In some other sections I also had to do a lot of planning beforehand to see if using difficult surfaces would be possible, such as the tunnel section from C06 and C07.
Some sacrifices had to be made for that but I think the map turned out really well.

The GPS includes a graphic which shows which parts of the track come from which campaign map, if you are interested.

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Item.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item2.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item99asdasd9.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item99fff9.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item9gggg99.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item9njgfdh99.Item.Gbx lars1998
Itemffff999.Item.Gbx lars1998
HolePunch.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
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RoadRaceClipRemover10.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
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