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 WOM S6 Super MiniMotor

by   WRAITH  |  20
It's a start
AT   00:39.256 |  Lagoon / RallyCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  232537 
  Scenery Race    
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 Offline records Vehicle: RallyCar
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:37.925  hetna 20 (100%)
2nd   00:38.696  IntelMAGE 16 (80%)
3rd   00:38.841  Beatinfected 13 (65%)
4th   00:42.758   Mr.Bug 11 (55%)
5th   00:44.825  nibor 9.2 (46%)
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 Author Comments
World of Motorsport Season 6

MMD Group is back with another 10 brand maps from the WOM Player Channel.
Here also on MX Map pack WOM, Please use the link you will have missed other maps,
which has just been updated !! all new maps come 1st 1 to 10 !!

Map Pack Link: https://tm.mania-exchange.com/s/m/1205

Hope you enjoy the new season of maps.

Till next time enjoy
 Embedded objects38 Objects
Object IX? Object author
AL WLK.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
ArrowBIGLeftLUP.Item.Gbx wraith
ArrowBIGRightLUP.Item.Gbx wraith
ArrowLeftLUP.Item.Gbx wraith
ArrowRightLUP.Item.Gbx wraith
ArrowTallBIGLeftLUP.Item.Gbx wraith
WoodencurveDeck.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodenUpperDEck.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
LagoonCPWOM.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
LagoonFinishWOM.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
RoadArrowRed.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
SlopedStepsWood.Block.Gbx tomhellrider1966
StepRamp.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
TransRamp.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
TreeGroupV2.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
HarbourMod.Block.Gbx tomhellrider1966
LagoonDrawBridge.Block.Gbx wraith
CargoShipCroatia.Item.Gbx wraith
CargoShipEng.Item.Gbx wraith
CargoShipXL2.Item.Gbx wraith
TollGate.Item.Gbx wraith
WarningBIGRoadPost.Item.Gbx wraith
WarningRoadPost.Item.Gbx wraith
Bushv1.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Bushv2.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Small Tree.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Start.Item.Gbx wraith
TollBarrierCP Nospawn.Item.Gbx wraith
TragetFinish.Item.Gbx wraith
TollBridgeDown.Item.Gbx wraith
G35 Jinguang Expressway Sign.Item.Gbx wraith
NationalHighwayChina.Item.Gbx wraith
ClosedBIGWrongWay.Item.Gbx wraith
ClosedWrongWay.Item.Gbx wraith
China House x2.Item.Gbx wraith
China House x3.Item.Gbx wraith
MonumentZX1.Item.Gbx wraith
ChineseCKP.Item.Gbx wraith
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 Included in mappacks
Name Creator Tracks Etc
WOM Player Channel   WRAITH 193
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