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News Archive
 Identity Mapping Competition RESULTS
by   Wirtual at 08 Feb, 2020  

After a nail-bitingly close voting phase, here are the results:

:gold: 1st - Slithery by Marius89
:gold: 1st - Slopestyle by BritneySpears
:bronze: 3rd - WreckingBall by Macarony00

Click here to see a video about the competition!

Build the best TMGL Identity and get a chance to win 30€ and have your map forwarded directly to Nadeo!
Maps will be judged by 5 TMGL players and the audience watching.

Building Deadline: 29th January 23:59 CET
Competition Results: 2nd February 21:30 CET on

Everything you need to know: Click me!
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me on Discord: Wirtual#9015
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