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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC May 2013 - The Offroad Monster - Results on page 7! 
MTC May 2013 - The Offroad Monster - Results on page 7!
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13 July 2013 07:13:09  
Taronium says:
I can't download the judging sheet... "forbidden" it says.

It used to work. Here's a mirror:
Site Leader
Location: US
13 July 2013 15:51:37  
Yay, I'm not last... lol.(brb)
THANKS, eyebo!(y)
Quad Bike Racer
14 July 2013 13:21:49  
Thanks everyone for being patient about the results. It was one of the hardest MTCs I've judged, partially due to the style of tracks, and partially due to the new format of the judging sheets (a lot more sub-categories than I'm used to). But it was an interesting experience, and I hope my comments will be of some benefit.

Congrats to Haenry for his win and to all participants! I enjoyed playing all your tracks and seeing your ideas. See you next time!
Site Leader
Location: US
15 July 2013 20:16:44  
Second ☼_☼

Really didn't expect that! (eyebo you taotally overrated my track xD )

Thanks a lot to both judges who have suffered on such tracks (y)
Learner Driver
Location: FR
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