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TMX Turns 10
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29 March 2014 16:48:01  
Congratulations TMX! (l) I have no idea where to start or where to end a story about my adventures on this site but one thing I always say is TM wouldnt be the same without TMX and that says it all. Thanks to all the mods who kept this site running all these years.(y)

Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
29 March 2014 21:20:44  
thank you TMX
Happy Birthday ..
thank you very much ...
Old Age Caravanner
30 March 2014 05:21:20  
Happy birthday to tmx and a big big thank you to all of you !!!
(l) Love(l)
~~~~Koltafeuille ~~~~
Learner Driver
31 March 2014 19:26:08  
Congratulations to 10 years of TrackMania Exchange!:award:
May we have another 10 years of TMX and of course also MX! :)

I haven't known TMX from the start and also not from my TM-start.
Joined TrackMania in the end of 2006 and I explored TMX I think late 2007 or in 2008.
Amazing addition to the TrackMania community and the place to get your maps for the servers (I was then running for /CR\ - hmm... and was just 12 back then ^^).
One of the things that made me stay with TrackMania (though you wouldn't have seen me (much) on TMX with maps, cause I'm a bad mapper :d).
Trust me, I'm a professional.
Location: NL
01 April 2014 01:50:04  
Happy Birthday TMX!

I've been here since 2007 and I've been involved with TMX since 2009. Damn I feel old!
Deep fried
Location: AU
01 April 2014 12:52:22  
Congratulations for ten successful years. For me at least, here I found some of the most brilliant tracks that I still enjoy nowadays. Just mentioning some of the best sunrise maps Demo(n) Drive, Broken Bridge and Infinity. And many many more, just to much to list them all. I thank the whole crew for all the improvements done over the last years and all of the authors who showed us what creativity is and who keept this game running over this long period of time.
Moped Racer
12 May 2014 23:00:24  
sorry i missed the posting on this
with TMX i would have left TM, i can not even remember my first track as it feels like there must have been so many, can not even remember when i first joined, but can remember helping since guy out, but saying who ^^^^ somewhere up there in the list lol

i have made so many good friends and i thank tmx for that
Happy 1o years tmx
Location: GB
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