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AuthorMania - Event Details
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11 November 2014 21:31:30  
Too many people have varied names related to the game, I wish it was all associated with one, but that would make things more difficult! Haha, yes "Zack", I do have a bad habit of misspelling names :p ; however, I have made the corrections and hope to have all postings fixed by the end of the week!

For the mappers, a new sign pack is in your email if you wish to use a sign (or two or three!), but it is not required.

Old Age Caravanner
Location: US
13 November 2014 17:33:19  
Nice project;)
It would be cool to have a group "Authormania" on MX where players can see all Authormania maps and award them easily. I would add this link in the news showcasing this event if it's possible:)
Learner Driver
Thanks Alinoa! 13 November 2014 22:29:27  
Thanks, nice suggestion!

I was planning something similar on map release day, but it would be nice to get the ball rolling. I'll create a separate forum that recognizes the authors. For now, the links will lead to their current map list. When the maps are released on the 6th I'll update the forum to include the map image and a link to the specific map for the event.

Thanks again :)
Old Age Caravanner
Location: US
Update 13 November 2014 23:30:20  
To help streamline the awarding process and to have quick and easy access to all mappers, a forum has been created on the TMX website. For now, it quickly links viewers to all mappers profiles. When the event starts, it will promote each map with the screen shot and a link to maps page for awards and comments. Visit the forum HERE.
Old Age Caravanner
Location: US
13 November 2014 23:33:14  
Sounds cool :d I'm almost done with my map already^^ I've just got to work on some nice MT and a screenshot from Elvestad :d
Moped Racer
Location: US
14 November 2014 14:00:31  
i dont get how you selected these authors?

some of them shpuld not be counted to the best mappers in canyon and i am missing some really great canyonmappers
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
14 November 2014 14:20:17  
I know maps of 14 different authors these 19 authors, so the choice is quite good, I think. :)

Although I know that some of them don"t count themselves as good authors:d
gado is a
Location: DE
Selection 14 November 2014 16:33:12  
This is a good question that others may wish to know as well. I understand your curiosity, the "how" is always fun to hear :p

The author selection process took a few weeks, it was not a quick selection. I am sure anyone can immediately say "I want or suggest these authors". ARK admins reviewed the statistical information available on TMX, mappers of previous competitions, comments within authors map sections, dedimania stats (not a large factor), and drew on their own personal experience in Canyon. It was not the opinion of one, but the consensus of many.

We do not claim that these authors are ultimately and unquestionably the top in TM2 Canyon; although most are.
"Authormania focuses on recognizing some of the greatest..."
"In recognition to what some of the greatest authors have provided..."
"...paying tribute to authors of a unique style, new genre or genre promotion, or simply prolific builders..."

Lastly, the invite was not isolated to only the mappers listed on the promo flyer. You are "missing some really great canyonmappers" because 19 mappers accepted the invite. Over 30 invites were sent out through TMX, email, and other methods. We didn't catch all of the classics (mainly due to inactivity), but fortunately we were able to revive a few of the mappers that haven't been seen in a while. Is it possible we missed a few with the invites? It's possible. We aren't perfect, but I assure you that our efforts were to be as comprehensive as possible.

Great question Lodec. I hope you now understand that we did the best with what was available. The event is "presented by ARK" and I encourage all that wish to present their own tribute to develop an event. I am very pleased with the results and the response to the event. All together, its a great event to support the community :)

Thanks again Lodec!

14 of 19 is great! Thats about 74%, sounds like you'll have a great time :p

Yes, some authors may be a little reserved and feel as if they aren't "good", but modesty is a good quality to have :)

Old Age Caravanner
Location: US
14 November 2014 17:06:35  
ah ich just wanted to know ;)

actually you picked some of the best authors in canyon, but i really wonder about some of these guys being in the list :d
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
To the Authors! 01 December 2014 20:44:06  
AuthorMania Authors, the map release is right around the corner! On December 6th you'll upload the map to a private link for the AuthorMania Tracklist group. More information about this is in your email. Also, the event will begin later in the evening on December 7th.

I am very eager to see all of the new maps! It's going to be a nice community booster(y)
Old Age Caravanner
Location: US
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