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MTC December 2015 - Double Five
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You can place terraforming everywhere, Cousin ;)

No, the two areas have to be parallel.

Clearvision, see the question above by Cousin and my answer in this post here ;)
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Location: DE
Just to make sure, is the car allowed to go outside the two rows (in addition to in between?)
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
sure. The car can go everywhere ;)
gado is a
Location: DE
Hi this is more a question for the fellow mappers rather than about the rules, is it possible to copy a map and paste it into another map?

Tried to do it by saving 1 map as a macroblock but then when i opened another map i could see the macroblock but i was unable to place it.

This kind of gives away my idea for my map but owell, Just to lazy to build the whole map again :p
Old Age Caravanner
I did that to move a map from classic stadium to 64 base map and it works, but if you use 2 different titlepack i.e. from tmstadium to esl title pack you should not use custom object because it will make the macroblock incompatible with the second titlepack
Quad Bike Racer
Location: IT
Thx dmw

However i am just trying to copy a canyon map onto another canyon map so no changing of titlepacks, I am using embedded objects however, could they be the problem?
Old Age Caravanner
yep some custom object cause problems while making macroblocks, so try without them :cool:
Quad Bike Racer
Location: IT
No map by Skellborn and Skyslide? :( :build:

Beetle Racer
Location: DE
Let me have an educated guess for what project skellborn invested all of his time the past months. :p
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Location: DE

We got a server. Thanks TGYoshi!
  • Everyone is allowed to judge, even players who submitted a map (give your own map a 10)
  • Every map will be judged with marks from 1 (bad) to 10 (good). It is recommend to give reasons for very high and very low votes, so builders know what they did right/wrong. ;)
  • Note that you have to judge a stage entirely, you cannot judge only half of it.
  • You need to verify your vote by making a post below
  • Submit your votes via this form
  • The deadline is the End of 2015 (very roughly).
  • The best and worst vote for each map will be ignored

I haven't checked all the maps yet, if they're fine with the rules, so vote all maps normally. In the end after I drove all maps I will decide, if a map is disqualified or not.

As always, post your names and vote fair. (y)
gado is a
Location: DE
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