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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC March 2016 - Unusual Multilap 2 
MTC March 2016 - Unusual Multilap 2
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01 April 2016 16:37:49  
I guess you were in Turkey and learned the value of censoring comment senctions=p (too much politics for a gaming forum? :d )
Thank you guys so much for the votes and the first place! Sadly it was a small competition this time :(
I wanna emphasize it once again: This map wasn't build by me alone, but by Maxi031 and Skyslide as well.

Btw. Is the comment section in this spreadsheet only bugged for me? I can't read the comments, as the chart is way too small and cuts off big parts of the comments :(

Oh and btw (no 2) Nais April fools!:cool:
Last edited by Skellborn, 01 April 2016 17:36:20
G-kart Racer
01 April 2016 17:21:41  
Yeah, that's a thing for me too, I wish I could read the whole cells but they are cut off for some reason. Also unfortunate that the comments section was disabled for "Nature's Blight is Human Height".:p

Hoping for more participation for the month of April:done:
Old Age Caravanner
Location: CA
01 April 2016 21:26:52  
Wow, those are some close scores!:o No more than one or two points between positions (barring first and last). I guess that's what you get when there are only five voters... Also, I figured out a way to read all the comments, as well; just highlight the cell you want to read as well as the score in the cell just to the right of it. Copy and paste into a text field and there you go!

Nice job everyone!(y) Let's see some more entries this month.:build:
MTC Host
Location: US
01 April 2016 23:08:38  
Mhh i guess you can call me mtc tween from now :) i knew skellborn would win before he released his map... He so good at what he does... mhh it's impossible for me to beat him even with my best maps... maybe because the RPG Titlepack makes his awesome maps more unique and than makes them even more awesome;) great work. I wish i could use the TP too but i'm too bad to use it:'( gz skellborn/maxi/skyslide.

I don't what to know how many open showcases i have ^^ top3 since many months and 'only' won once ^^ can you tell me? Prolly one or two
Last edited by iHq/fredair.esu, 01 April 2016 23:19:08
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
04 April 2016 10:14:29  
I have increased the size of the comment cells, so that you should be able to read them all now.

Somehow I missed to add a comment section for Nature's blight is human height. If some have comments for this map, I recommend to post them to the trackpage and/or send them me, so I can edit them in the sheet. ;)

@fredair, you have exactly one showacse ;)

gado is a
Location: DE
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