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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC May 2016 - Flatland 
MTC May 2016 - Flatland
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23 May 2016 10:14:46  
Alright, submissions ended. I'll put up the judging sheet this afternoon.

As a note, [Bad Track/Map Link] is disqualified since it has a non-embedded custom block and as such I can't open it (and this leads me to assume that other people can't, making it impossible to judge). Also, I can't open "mtc|swamplands by   Baxy in the editor but everything looks ok from the driving perspective - if anyone opens it in the editor and finds a non-grounded block (or finds a non-grounded block by exploring the area), report it by providing a screenshot of the location and I'll see what measures to take.

Until then, have fun and play the tracks. As I said, I'll put up the sheet later today. Have fun!
The Green Dude
Location: ES
23 May 2016 12:23:05  
Fair enough, doesn't matter too much for my part as I didn't expect to finish at the top this time. Still a great MTC theme and a good amount of submissions. Keep up the good work Osaka, The MTC is important for all of us!;)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FI
23 May 2016 16:56:59  

Been a while since we had this many entries, should be pretty nice.

  • Everyone is allowed to judge, even players who submitted a map (give your own map a 10)
  • Every map will be judged with marks from 1 (bad) to 10 (gud). It is recommend to give reasons for very high and very low votes, so builders know what they did right/wrong. ;)
  • Note that you have to judge a stage entirely, you cannot judge only half of it.
  • You need to verify your vote by making a post below
  • Submit your votes via this voting sheet.
  • The deadline is the end of May 31st June 1st, 2016 PDT.
  • The best and worst vote for each map will be ignored, if we get more than 10 votes.

Don't forget to post here and give nice feedback for great results. Enjoy!
Last edited by FT»Osaka, 28 May 2016 20:13:04
The Green Dude
Location: ES
23 May 2016 18:02:25  
G-kart Racer
Location: ZA
26 May 2016 09:52:13  
v o t e d
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
27 May 2016 06:20:34  
Last edited by Dodeka, 27 May 2016 06:20:45
Old Age Caravanner
Location: CA
27 May 2016 17:57:03  
Voted ;)
Learner Driver
Location: FR
28 May 2016 20:12:07  
Ok, I didn't notice that. Someone reported [Bad Track/Map Link] about illegal height on the inflatables and they were actually right, so that track is also disqualified. I now remember I didn't tell the author about those but those notifications were something I was doing strictly as a reminder and in those cases the rules weren't entirely clear. Also, when I tested it I had to run to work so I may not have taken enough time into it (specially given how awfully unclear the route in that track is). HOWEVER, this is not an excuse to not follow the rules since they are in the thread and I was willing to answer all questions pòsted here.

With that in mind I'm also willing to give an extra day for the voting process (so it now ends June 1st). Redoing the sheet and asking you all to vote again would be very time consuming for all of us so what will be done is remove the scores to this track in the compiling phase. Feel free to leave feedback tho, as it will be all forwarded to the builder for those that have voted and those willing to play it (it's the least I can do).

Any questions about the DQ shall be sent via PM since I don't want this thread to devolve into a flame war. I'm willing to answer to your inquiries about it as long as they're respectfully worded.

EDIT: For the sake of full disclosure, I just voted.
Last edited by FT»Osaka, 29 May 2016 00:45:59
The Green Dude
Location: ES
29 May 2016 10:21:47  
well I sadly doubt that we will have more judges this month :/ but would be superb
Last edited by iHq/fredair.esu, 29 May 2016 10:22:23
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
29 May 2016 11:03:19  
Hnestly, I gave the extra day because of this change in the tracklist, not because I expected to get more judges.
The Green Dude
Location: ES
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