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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC January 2017: Darn those cheap contractors 
MTC January 2017: Darn those cheap contractors
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24 January 2017 15:55:34  
alright voted :) just missed h u n t z - m t c in voting sheet
i have three explaintions and i would like to know which
1) it didn't have two re-uses exactly?
2) you forgot to add?
3) it exactly doesn't have "mtc" in the name?
if it's because of 2, just saying i give it 7/10
if i am clairvoyant and you are gonna do new voting sheet because of "2)", just saying i will not vote again cuz i don't remember what i gave to each map and i was very proud of my feedback, wasted like four minutes
so btw, first time i did give feedback in comments, hope you appericate it
idk if it's even feedback but actually reasons of my anonymous rating
i wanted to say then... VOTED:done:
Old Age Caravanner
Location: CZ
24 January 2017 15:58:38  
FT»Osaka says:
Submissions closed, will set up the sheet in a minute.

I'll mention that fredair's entry is disqualified because there's only one sequence of blocks being re-used and as such fails to comply with the given rules.
The Green Dude
Location: ES
24 January 2017 16:15:34  
fredair.esu says:
Ok, that's quite sad :(
I thought it would be two sections, since you do not touch the checkpoint or the block before, when you drop down to the road. The first time you really touch them is when you jump back to the higher platform again.

This photo may help you, if you don't understand what I mean:

e/currently rendering a video, where you can see it.

from my chat w/osaka, for some insight, just for everybody to know :( still don't understand it, but w/e. I hope you don't mind this post.
Learner Driver
24 January 2017 16:21:42  
The Green Dude
Location: ES
24 January 2017 19:23:59  
FT»Osaka says:

ayyy caps help :) well tbh I fully understand why fredair doesn't understand his dq. you never touch the cp when you drop. And I say that as a casual fs player. it's not the most creative reuse, but it is one.
Learner Driver
24 January 2017 19:36:29  

rofl osaka, stop those caps at first please
well to me, i think osaka takes AIR (out/non blocks exactly) as a block, should be one squence then
to me... i would count it as two re-uses still, still your decision which you will not change just now because of you got mad and some people are pissed already
well, then... just don't be salty next time, at first you are moderator or just someone over it who shouldn't be like this in next times (LUL im such teacher) even through you probably telled him in pm houndred times
and sorry that i missed what you said
Old Age Caravanner
Location: CZ
24 January 2017 20:15:56  
I haven't played the map myself, so understand that what I say may not be accurate. I personally would only consider a block used if the car physically touches the block at any point (judged using the AT run, if disputed). That's grounded in facts and can't be debated, so DQs would be easily understandable. That said, the air Fredair shows in his clip is extremely low, and it looks like the wheels touch (though just barely, if they do at all). Hence, I cannot say via the clip if the blocks are considered used or not.

Ideally, Fredair would have asked earlier if the set of blocks in question connected the otherwise two distinct reuse segments or not, especially since the car comes so close to the road. That way, this could have been cleared up before the map was finished, submitted, and judged for compliance with the rules. Since no question was asked, we now have a debate (and, quite frankly, these kinds of debates have not ended on good terms).

I suppose if I had to say anything, it's this:

1: For any and all rules in an MTC, make sure the rules can be judged through methods as close to factual as possible. It may be wise to state exactly how these rules will be judged, so everyone knows exactly what is and is not qualified.

2: For any and all parts of a map which are on the border of causing your map to be DQ'd, make sure to inquire about the parts before submitting the map. If you have to get by on a minor technicality, it may be wise to ask if your map is valid.

Failing to do either or both of the above suggestions may cause rule disputes to occur, and I'm fairly certain we want as few of those as possible.
MTC Host
Location: US
24 January 2017 23:10:51  
tsunami says:

well to me, i think osaka takes AIR (out/non blocks exactly) as a block, should be one squence then

The thing is that there are tracks in this contest where if I didn't count what is driven without blocks as what is used then they'd have to be DQ'd as well.

To be 100% clear, a block is more than just the driven surface. The walls, the CP trigger and the air around it where you can't place other blocks all count towards what a block is, and we're considering blocks used and not surfaces touched. Which is why fredair's example counts as a single sequence of blocks being used - they're on a straight, one after the other, and the only space where you're not using that straight is on the cobra loop to turn around. You're also flying low enough to trigger a checkpoint even on a downhill CP block with the car in the air, so you're pretty much at all times within the boundaries of the blocks.

I told you that it was a hitbox thing a week ago (apparently it was just two days ago, it really felt like a week but tbh I couldn't answer earlier) as well, you just chose not to change your track and blame me for your DQ.
Last edited by FT»Osaka, 24 January 2017 23:31:58
The Green Dude
Location: ES
25 January 2017 16:30:04  
well i doubt anyone gives a f@#! about your hitboxes... all that matters is if he touches the block or not and he clearly doesn't. but idk, not my problem, it's yours.
Learner Driver
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