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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC January 2017: Darn those cheap contractors 
MTC January 2017: Darn those cheap contractors
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25 January 2017 17:12:46  
You'd think that we'd be on to something when we mention several times that the focus is on the blocks and not on the surfaces huh
The Green Dude
Location: ES
25 January 2017 17:57:43  
senseless to discuss with someone like you. thats surely not how a mod should act if i compare it to tmx.
Learner Driver
25 January 2017 21:59:27  
FT»Osaka says:
...cobra loop...

That sounds much cooler than turnover, I'm calling them that from now on.

Also I agree with Osaka.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
25 January 2017 22:00:42  
Real talk I think that's how the MX sign package calls them, that's where I picked up the name from at least.
The Green Dude
Location: ES
25 January 2017 23:36:19  
used to be called a corkscrew ( 'cork) in tmx
edit: made a small typo
Last edited by FT»lolig, 26 January 2017 23:00:01
Moped Racer
Location: BE
26 January 2017 07:08:00  
Shouldn't it be "corkscrew" instead of "crockscrew"? The first one refers to the things you open wine bottles with, the latter does not exist as far as I'm aware :p

Also voted :done:
Last edited by Solux, 26 January 2017 18:21:42
Buffer Overflow
Location: DE
27 January 2017 01:19:07  
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
27 January 2017 11:59:49  
Old Age Caravanner
29 January 2017 01:30:40  
So I literally just noticed that I never put this month's voting period properly in the post lmao.

I'll be out of town for a couple of days after Monday so I've put the voting deadline all the way in February 2nd, get your votes in!
The Green Dude
Location: ES
30 January 2017 02:02:02  
Speaking of DQ, shouldn't mtc|Escape the city be dq as well? it uses ESL titlepack, and the rules say TP are forbidden...

EDIT : voted. I also voted Escape the city, even if I do believe it doesn't obey the rules.
Last edited by ranig, 30 January 2017 03:12:14
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
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