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MTC March 2017: Submission thread
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MTC March 2017: Submission thread 01 March 2017 13:20:05  

Please post links to your tracks for MTC March 2017 in this thread.

On your track page, you see a six-digit ID number of your track, and next to it is a JavaScript button for copying that number to the clipboard.

Use the following syntax to create a nice graphical image of your track:
[track=full]TRACK ID[/track]

Please only one post per user and no discussions.

You can find the rules here: Get me out!
Last edited by FT»Osaka, 01 March 2017 13:20:17
The Green Dude
Location: ES
02 March 2017 16:08:27  
Moped Racer
04 March 2017 13:59:01  
For some reason, this MTC made me think of unboxing videos on Youtube.

Yep ...

Old Age Caravanner
05 March 2017 01:49:19  
Learner Driver
06 March 2017 21:24:23  
First MTC map. :)
Location: DK
08 March 2017 00:29:14  
Here is my map :)

Last edited by bcs| JR1988, 09 March 2017 17:56:51
Crew Support
Location: AT
09 March 2017 22:15:01  
I first wanted to finish a Canyon tech map i started a while ago which would have been really easy to fit inside that 15³ cube but then decided to take the challenge of building a transitional fullspeeder in Valley instead :)
Check it out:

Last edited by Solux, 09 March 2017 22:15:28
Buffer Overflow
Location: DE
10 March 2017 12:10:49  
i forgot this track to first my MTC tracks ;)

[Bad Track/Map Link]
Moped Racer
Location: TH
13 March 2017 19:27:24  
oh sorry, i totally forgot to send it here :d so here it is
Old Age Caravanner
Location: CZ
17 March 2017 02:46:12  

Good luck everyone!(y)
MTC Host
Location: US
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