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MX Sharing is caring - Info, Q&A, Discussion
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MX Sharing is caring - Info, Q&A, Discussion 05 March 2017 18:34:49  

Hey MX'ers,

you may wanna know what Sharing is Caring is.
The idea is simple:

1. You produce a video based on guidelines.
2. You put your favorite maps + 1 of your maps into a video and send it to us.
3. The video will be uploaded onto the official MX Youtube Channel, including all the maplinks.

In other words: You promote your own map while helping others with attention at the same time! The goal is to keep the effort as low as possible, hence why you'll have to work based on guidelines and rules.

Additionally, your map will be showcased at the frontpage of MX.

The whole process on how to do it and what rules you need to follow is described in this guideline sheet:
Download the Guideline PDF. (V.1.05)
Last Update: April 6th, 2017

The templates are here:
Download the templates.
Last Update: April 6th, 2017


v1: initial release
v1.01: added frontpage showcase info and more (outlined)
v.1.05: added a lot of stuff + video tutorials

v1: initial release
v1.01: fixed a typo and spacing for playerinfo
v.1.05: fresh new overlays + GIMP support

How to submit:
PM Ozon and he will give you a link for his google drive, where you can upload your video into. You additionally provide him with the mx-links to each map in your video.

If you still have important questions or suggestions, use this thread to let me know!
Happy rendering!


Video list and pending uploads:
#1 - Ozon (March 5th)
#2 - Stereogang (March 7th)
#3 - fredair (March 9th)
#4 - Alpines (March 11th)
#5 - Zenomex (March 14th)
#6 - Lars (March 16th)
#7 - Eyohna (March 19th)
#8 - Owen J (March 23rd)
#9 - Voyager006 (March 25th)
#10 - Ozon (March 31st)
#11 - Juvo (April 17th)
#12 - fredair (April 21st)
#13 - shortz (January 5th)
#14 - ?
Last edited by Ozon, 14 October 2018 22:49:46
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
05 March 2017 19:16:25  
interesting :p
Learner Driver
Location: GB
05 March 2017 19:39:59  
Great idea :d
Location: US
05 March 2017 20:51:56  
great idea
Old Age Caravanner
Location: CZ
05 March 2017 21:58:57  
Nice idea indeed !
Old Age Caravanner
05 March 2017 23:55:44  
I absolutely adore this initiative you have planned here, its a win/win for video creators, mapmakers of both well-known and lesser known kinds, as well as general attention and community media growth for Maniaplanet general! (y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: GB
06 March 2017 01:34:06  
An excellent idea Ozon!
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
06 March 2017 03:15:44  
great idea
Moped Racer
Location: TH
06 March 2017 21:16:37  
only support mx maps - use tmuf envi in the banner. lul

well i think nobody already wrote, that this is a good idea, so I will do that: Good idea.
Last edited by fredair.esu, 06 March 2017 21:17:08
( x ~~~ x` *)
Location: DE
07 March 2017 00:28:52  
fredair.esu says:
only support mx maps - use tmuf envi in the banner. lul

hah, yeah forgot about that. Will change soon :d
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
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