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Massive Fullspeed Project.
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20 June 2017 16:50:58  
Computing shadows should fix the white issue, but if your settings are not on 'very nice' the dirt wil appear very dark.
At least thats my experience with this issue.
Crew Support
Location: AT
20 June 2017 17:06:39  
Fixed! Computing shadows wasn't it. I only had to change Shader quality from 'Nice' to 'Very Nice'. So thanks for the indirect tip! (y)
Last edited by GR., 20 June 2017 17:06:53
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
20 June 2017 19:16:05  
spoiler my part xd
( x ~~~ x` *)
Location: DE
20 June 2017 21:23:31  
people could download your part all this time anyway =p
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
01 July 2017 20:02:19  
Eternity submitted his part, and I made some adjustments so it's a bit more fluid, now up on GDrive.
Last edited by Linkin|Alex, 01 July 2017 20:14:44
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
03 July 2017 13:56:53  
In the process of finishing up Part04(y)

Fitting 20+ more builder will be intresting, so I started re-using stuff and placing the end of my part more or less next to where I started with just about the same speed. We are at c. btw and I really like the track so far:cool:
Moped Racer
08 July 2017 18:55:09  
btw can I build the final / very last part?
Learner Driver
08 July 2017 19:45:49  
AX.Unity says:
btw can I build the final / very last part?

I expect the last few parts to be more difficult to work with because of a lack of space, and I have no idea when the last few parts will happen, but if you're OK with waiting until then that should be fine.
Here is the Discord link to the MX FS subchannel where a lot of the smaller discussion happens:
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
09 August 2017 10:26:04  
As posted on discord, I have submitted part 5 and Osaka is up next.
U Wot M8?
Location: AU
09 August 2017 10:30:54  
someone else should test it then.
( x ~~~ x` *)
Location: DE
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