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MANIAPARK : the ultimate source for maniaplanet
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MANIAPARK : the ultimate source for maniaplanet 28 August 2011 22:38:18  

Maniapark opens to follow the launch of Maniaplanet and TM² Canyon open beta !

The website doesn't offer all its functionalities yet and will evolve in the coming weeks to share the different ressources for TM² Canyon : 3D Models, Skins, Mods, Signs, Scripts. For the maps, see you on http://mania-exchange.com that manages that greatly !

You can already post skins for the CanyonCar, we are waiting the specifications for destroyable models from Nadeo !

Learner Driver
28 August 2011 22:40:10  
looks awesome :o
Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
28 August 2011 22:44:45  
agree with space. And it's so cool you added mods to the site. Now we have both TM-Mod and Carpark into one site :cool:
Beetle Racer
Location: RO
29 August 2011 00:48:25  
wow this is instantly going on me bookmarks! (y) been waiting for some new skins for so long! (y) (y)
Location: US
29 August 2011 08:29:44  
Space says:
looks awesome :o


best part tho is if you a member of the old carpark "you are of the new one as well"
so we have all we want again mx,mania carpark, and final game next month :)

then is the new worlds nadeo is making lol
Location: GB
29 August 2011 08:57:12  
Awesome idd! (y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
29 August 2011 08:58:22  
nice work (l)

Community links and such will appear as we build the site, for now Forzyy has made news on the front page. (y)
Surely Retired
Location: GB
29 August 2011 09:26:57  
thanks for the front page news (l)
Learner Driver
29 August 2011 13:22:16  
This is amazing! Thank you!
Back in action!
Location: FI
18 September 2011 11:14:05  
MMMmmm still no new cars :(
Location: GB
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