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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  2011-2013 ARCHIVE - MTC Theme suggestions 
2011-2013 ARCHIVE - MTC Theme suggestions
Page: 29 of 29 Locked
03 August 2013 18:53:33  
It could work, but all in all maybe the decrease limit should be by the hundreds (or something), otherwise it'd be too technical to monitor while driving. For example, once your speed is more than 100, it cannot go below 100, once above 200, cannot go below 200, etc, etc
The Seventy Fifth District
Location: US
03 August 2013 20:24:26  
Yeah, right ;) Would be an awesome theme tho :p
Last edited by FT»Rast, 18 August 2013 13:43:30
Old Age Caravanner
Location: PL
18 August 2013 13:06:08  
Make a track were you start on the bottom and end on the top.
Last edited by Naichiku, 18 August 2013 13:24:32
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NO
18 August 2013 13:47:18  
Your suggestion reminds me a little the "25 Builders Project" by eyebo :

"You can also indicate whether you would like to start at the bottom and build upwards or start at the top and build downwards."

Location: FR
18 August 2013 18:43:35  
We already had sth like that

but it would be nice to have sth like that again
(with real judging)
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
19 August 2013 00:31:03  
Hydrophillic: Car must touch water at least 3-5 times.
The Seventy Fifth District
Location: US
19 August 2013 17:54:12  
That renders canyon close to useless, since water is deep and it can't waterbounce.
The Green Dude
Location: ES
Page: 29 of 29 Locked
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