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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC April 2017: Death drop 
MTC April 2017: Death drop
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05 April 2017 15:12:57  
Haven't done this before, how / when do i upload my track to the tourney. Can i just release it to MX within April or do i have to pm it somewhere?
Old Age Caravanner
Location: GB
05 April 2017 16:00:55  
Just upload it normally with the letters MTC somewhere i the name
Then post it in this topic!

FT»Osaka says:

  • Deadline
    All tracks should be submitted before the end of Sunday 23, April 2017 PDT.
  • Learner Driver
    Location: GB
    05 April 2017 22:32:06  
    Great theme! I think I'll see how far I can push this...8-|
    Track Slacker
    Location: US
    06 April 2017 12:18:22  
    Btw since Voyager asked on discord and showed: If you by any means manage to make a beyond vertical drop it's also allowed (even encouraged if you ask me). However, same rules apply - you can't move 1 or more blocks backwards per each 4 blocks you move down.
    The Green Dude
    Location: ES
    08 April 2017 02:30:07  
    "Custom Titlepacks forbidden" Why?
    Learner Driver
    08 April 2017 03:00:27  
    Judging is public so this way we make it possible for the most possible people to just judge the tracks. It's happened before that someone couldn't judge a track because it had X or Y titlepack and no will to download it for a single track.

    Except for one-offs it has never been allowed anyways, and I don't think it'd change much in the future considering that you can embed items and you can get a ton done within the limit.
    The Green Dude
    Location: ES
    10 April 2017 12:04:32  
    I will reupload the map as soon as possible, currently working on a video.
    Beetle Racer
    Location: DE
    10 April 2017 13:55:36  
    Old Age Caravanner
    Location: CZ
    10 April 2017 14:07:12  
    Tsunami plz dont comment in the submission thread;)
    G-kart Racer
    Location: ZA
    24 April 2017 10:25:16  
    Ok submissions have been closed, I'll get to the voting later today
    The Green Dude
    Location: ES
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