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En Route Planets Competitions
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En Route Planets Competitions 30 April 2017 19:09:54  
Hello, ManiaExchange!

Last week I tried out a competition centered around the MTC maps. I've made a few changes to the format, and will give it another try this month. Simply state that you want to participate and then start posting your fastest times on each MTC course!

1: Give a quick post here to let me know you want to participate.
2: Go here and download each valid MTC course.
3: Upload your best time to each course's page. You have until the map voting deadline to post your best times. Feel free to update your times before the deadline!
4: After the deadline, I will add up each driver's times to get their cumulative time. If you vote in the MTC, you get 1 second off your cumulative time for each valid MTC course.
5: The driver with the lowest total time is the winner!

Again, you need to post here so I know you're participating. Even if you submit a time on all MTC maps, your time won't be considered if you don't announce that you're in!

StereoGang brought up a valid point last month: not all maps are fun for everyone. This time, I won't force you to complete every map. Instead, you will automatically "forfeit" any maps you don't have a time on. Your time for those courses will then be marked down as double the course's Author Time. It's not desirable, but at least you're still in the runnings. If for some reason your best time on a map is longer than its forfeit time, the forfeit time will be used instead.

Note that I'm giving you the entire month to post your times this time around. Remember, maps will be added to the pool and may be updated as time goes by until the map submission deadline. Keep tabs on the maps so you don't miss a new map or forget to redo a time on an updated map! When the map voting period opens, some maps may be disqualified. These maps are NOT considered in the pool and times posted on them will be ignored.

I've also decided to try having a spreadsheet with the current rankings. Head here to see who's participating and what their current times are. This should help competitors see how they're doing at any given time as well as which maps they can improve on most. It will be updated whenever I feel like it, so the spreadsheet may not always be up to date.

Just like last time, here's the fabulous prizes:

1st: 1,000 planets
2nd: 750 planets
3rd: 500 planets
4th: 250 planets
5th: 1 planet (you were close, son)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I want to continue doing this each month, but if participation is too low I may stop after this one. Now, go enjoy the maps and post some sweet times!

-= How the Spreadsheet Works =-

The spreadsheet is designed so that general info can be seen at a glance, but the format might not be immediately obvious. Here's how the spreadsheet is formatted.

- At the top left is the time of the most recent update
- The top row displays the usernames of all current competitors, sorted alphabetically
- Column A labels each row for the current MTC courses, as well as a row for total time and if the competitor has voted
- Column B shows the "Default" competitor. They act as a benchmark for if a competitor did not post any times and therefore shows all forfeit times
- If a time is colored yellow, that means that the competitor has not submitted a time for that course yet
- If the total time is colored red, that means that there is at least one course the competitor has not yet submitted a time for
- If the vote box is red, the competitor has not yet voted on the MTC maps. If it is green, they have voted and will receive the time subtraction
MTC Host
Location: US
30 April 2017 19:35:38  
I want to participate (l)
Learner Driver
02 May 2017 12:53:11  
I am in as well.
Learner Driver
Location: DE
02 May 2017 16:25:45  
I'm in :)
Trying Unique Idea
Location: CA
03 May 2017 12:01:28  
I'm in!
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FI
03 May 2017 21:14:02  
I'm in.
Old Age Caravanner
26 May 2017 19:09:52  
Well, I've been lazy and may have completely forgotten about this for the past few weeks. Sorry about that...

Anyways, quick update: this competition is still running! There's six lovely maps currently in the pool, and unless there's a surprise last minute submission after I post this those six are the one's you'll be fighting over. Due to the MP4 update, note that MTCsalesmanV3 updated to MTCsalesmanV4 and erased all records on it. Likewise, MTC - Silence has updated to MP4 as well. Due to the physics changes to all vehicles, I'm declaring that MP3 records are INVALID for this competition (luckily this only applies to that one map). And, of course, we've had four more maps added to the pool since I last updated the spreadsheet.

Currently, Eyohna stands in the lead with Minato in second. No one else currently has a valid time, so I guess they get to share third for the time being.

Remember, it's never too late to sign up! You have until the time submissions close at the end of the voting period to sign up and drive times, so don't be afraid to join now!
MTC Host
Location: US
09 June 2017 04:32:31  
Another update! I've been rather busy, and have not yet calculated the final scores (sorry :$ ). Therefore, you all still have until the results are posted to get your best times in (or even sign up, if you're still interested). The results are bound to come out any day now, so don't delay!

I don't think I'll do one of these next month, but if my schedule calms down I'd like to do one for August or September. Happy hunting!
MTC Host
Location: US
The results are in! 16 June 2017 17:15:07  
The MTC results have finally been released, and that means that the final competition results have also been calculated. It has been an unfortunately quiet competition this time around, with only three valid times posted across two courses.

Eyohna takes an easy first, as the only driver to have posted times to two of the maps. They come in with a final time of 14:55.905.
Minato comes in second, having a single time posted. This brings their time to 15:30.732.
Clearvision, Eternity, and Stereogang all get to share third. None of them had a valid time by the end, so they all had a time of 16:32.204.

Since we had a three-way tie for third, I've combined the prizes for positions 3-5 and will evenly distribute them. First and Second still get the posted amount.

Like I stated in an earlier post, I won't host a competition for this month's MTC and probably won't for July either. I'd like to try again for August or September, depending on how busy things are around then. In any case, thanks for participating!
MTC Host
Location: US
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