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TM-Tube Archive - Megathread
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Thank you so much to give us the opportunity to see our old videos :gold: :gold: :gold:

I had a lot of video on tm-tube, and it's a pleasure to see them and also all the commentary ! (y)
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any other side for new trackmania movies ?

i have create one

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bladerunner78 says:
any other side for new trackmania movies ?

Mostly people just use YouTube these days, as you have, which is why we were fine with putting TM-Tube back up as an archive only.

You can of course share your videos in the Your Media forum here on MX, or on Discord. Most servers have a channel set up where you can share your videos.
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Just a tiny observation from a fellow webmaster, but if the site is called "TM-Tube" (Archive) in the homepage intro, shouldn't there also be a dash in the <title> element?

Note: had to use '&' lt/gt ';' there (which a non-webmaster may not know about), for if I use the actual less-than and greater-than characters, an error occurs when submitting the post. Seems like escaping special HTML characters doesn't (quite) work?
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