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Mania Exchange Crew Picks
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Mania Exchange Crew Picks 30 September 2018 20:54:55  
Hi ManiaExchangeCrew and @ll others, ;)

In the last few weeks i decided that i want to make a channel in TM2, with good, well balanced Lagoon Tracks from talented mappers, here in ManiaExchange!

Yesterday, i wanted to start. But what did i see, when i logged into Maniaplanet?! "Mania Exchange Crew Picks":o

So, you did the Channel, i wanted to make...:'(
Now, i must change my idea. I think i know, what i'll do next for a Channel...:cool:

But its very nice to see, that some others had the same idea!(y) Best wishes from me...:award:
Please have a look on maps, builded from SLAYER. I wanted mostly his Tracks in my Channel He builded some very nice Lagoon Tracks, could you please add some of his Tracks to the Playlist? They are well designed and he builds Tracks, Beginners can drive, also the experienced ones have fun on them, too!

Last edited by Evolution78, 30 September 2018 20:55:53
Learner Driver
Location: DE
06 October 2018 01:04:39  
I'll give BushMonkey a heads up about this post. He's the main one who set up that program, although he actually created it last year. It was only recently approved and added to the rotation, so most of the maps are older.
Site Leader
Location: US
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