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using my map online with other players
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using my map online with other players 12 October 2018 19:19:47  
Do I need my own server to use my map(s) online with others?
Learner Driver
13 October 2018 04:37:08  

Well yes, you need do need access to a server in order to play your map online with others.

There's several options:

1. You can host your own server in-game. It's important to know how to port forward. 2350 is the important port.

2. You can download the dedicated server from Nadeo to host a server separate from your game install. Tutorial here.

3. Some servers have test evenings where maps get tested.

4. Some servers are happy to load up maps at any time, as long as an admin is online.

5. There are also some game server hosting companies that host TM servers for a small monthly fee.

6. You can create a program for a ManiaPlanet Channel. Nadeo hosts the servers themselves. The program is manually scheduled by Nadeo at a specific time, if the program is accepted. But you can also spin up a test server for an hour at a time whenever you want and have your friends join it.
Site Leader
Location: US
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