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Location: Home  Community Forums  General Discussions  Corrupted installation?? 
Corrupted installation??
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Corrupted installation?? 20 November 2018 22:24:56  
on MX, I tried to install & play some tracks and keep getting "Corrupted installation. Please reinstall game". I can play the game (Canyon) just fine. I don't understand this. Help, please.
Learner Driver
21 November 2018 00:26:45  
We've heard a few other reports about problems with Install & Play.

Install & Play is working fine for most people. So it's not a widespread issue.

Is your version of Windows 32bit?

Nadeo recently upgraded ManiaPlanet to 64bit. There's also a 32bit executable that is used if your PC can't handle the normal 64bit version of ManiaPlanet.

I'm not sure if it's related or not, but it seems like it might be.

Site Leader
Location: US
21 November 2018 03:25:27  
Ultimately this is an issue with the game and should reported on the ManiaPlanet forums:
Site Leader
Location: US
Corrupted installation?? 24 November 2018 05:51:32  
thx eyebo I have 64 bit. It seems the problem has gone away since I finally got Extentions into a station. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I'll go to the link you gave and make notice there. Thx again
Learner Driver
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