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[IMPLEMENTED] Identification of TMU vehicle archetype usage at upload?
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[IMPLEMENTED] Identification of TMU vehicle archetype usage at upload? 16 December 2018 17:58:54  
As most of you probably know, with the latest updates it's possible to create tracks that use any of the TM1 car physics (Alpine, Coast, etc.) in TM2 via the use of pre-made archetype maps that automagically include the proper physics (and make the car look like rally and sound like desert...why? I have no idea).

Unfortunately, there's no indication in the track information regarding the special nature of these tracks, which are designed to be loaded in multi-environment packs. If someone expands the track details this is obvious, but many people just click the download button.

For an example, my latest track is shown as "Canyon/Canyoncar". This is accurate, sort of, but misleading. The track is designed for the "Coast" physics, and if you load the track up in the Canyon pack it will function with that car, but it's not the intention (and your experience driving it will suck audibly).

Is there some way that the "Upload Track" functionality can check for whatever file data makes these archetype tracks different (like it already does to show the environment/car) and reflect that in the track information so a) users don't get confused and b) so that these tracks can be searched for specifically in the "Find Tracks" UI?
Last edited by Ozon, 24 February 2019 12:06:36
Moped Racer
Location: US
20 December 2018 02:23:58  
Yes, this is something we want to do. And it should be possible. The Gbx file contains a section for the player model id, if it's a custom one. For example:
playermodel id="CoastCar"

So we should be able to read this and apply it to the track page.

I don't know when we'll update the site to do it though.
Site Leader
Location: US
20 December 2018 03:27:26  
I expect it by the new year.;)

(Thanks for the reply! It'll happen eventually. I just wanted to make sure it was on someone's radar.)
Last edited by pjw, 20 December 2018 03:28:03
Moped Racer
Location: US
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