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Novating Community (nc) looking for mappers!
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Novating Community (nc) looking for mappers! 10 September 2019 19:56:19  

(Picture by   butifarra)

Novating Community is looking for members! After announcing our three first members,   sláys.wp,, and myself, we are opening our public recruitment tonight!

What is nc?

nc, which stands for Novating Community, is a new mapping team founded by Superal aiming to push the limits of mapping and creativity through cooperation and collaboration. We function as a non-oppressive organization, which means that, except for the trial map (see below), you build what you want, whenever you want.

What are the perks of being in a mapping team?

    – You can take part in cooperative maps, ranging from 2 to 999 members (granted we ever reach that number).
    – You have friends who can help with beta-testing, and you can yourself test and help improve wonderful maps which are yet to be released.
    – You can learn different aspects of TM mapping easier than alone, as enthusiasts of MT, scenery, custom objects, signage, and so on are all there to help others learn.
    – And, all in all, it's fun.:)

That's cool and all, but what do I need to do to join?

We have a small trial to filter potential recruits. Although nc is not an elitist group, as it does not seek for overly-qualified members, we require new members to show the will to create interesting tracks with a distinct identity and to seek novel ideas (even if the result is sometimes a bit iffy). As such, a trial map*, which should reflect your potential as a new member, has to be sent and judged by current members. We are based on Discord, so if you want more information, you can always join here:

*Trial as in "a preliminary entry to see whether you can join", not the genre.

We are hoping to receive many applications to create a great team together!:d

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