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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 (1080 days ago)
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About me :

Hey mx !
I'm Simon aka sláys! in game .
I'm 18 years old .
I started mapping since almost 2 years
I'm mainly focused on Dirt and Tech .
  Waypoint Mapping Moderator

Achievement :

Being part of both   Waypoint Mapping and Team Fox .
Being nominated as Competitive Mapper of the Year by the TMAwards2019 hosted by NMD & GGeek .
:gold: 1st in the newcomer categorie of the MX UCA :gold:
:silver: 2nd in the scenery builder categorie of the MX UCA :silver:
:bronze: 3rd in the stadium builder categorie of the MX UCA :bronze:

Contact :

Discord : sláys!#2688
TMX account : sláys.wp
Twitter : @slaysTM2
Youtube : slays on YouTube

Here are some mapping madmans

  Keissla.wp,   squiki.wp,   iHq/fredair.esu,   Navi.wp,   PLTX.

Featured Map
Style: Speedtech
Length: 45 secs
Vehicle: StadiumCar
WR:   00:46.228
 18     18
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