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hello i vae problem :(
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hello i vae problem :( 18 November 2019 14:51:36  
[2019-11-17 16:08:18] [Chat] Player [cut3] used command "/xlist"
[2019-11-17 16:08:27] [Chat] Player [cut3] used command "/mxlist"
[PHP Warning] fopen( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
on line 223 in file /home/arif/tm2/serwer/UAseco/includes/maniaexchange/
[PHP 4096] Object of class Message could not be converted to string on line 769 in file /home/arif/tm2/serwer/UAseco/includes/core/helper.class.php
[PHP Notice] Undefined variable: player on line 181 in file /home/arif/tm2/serwer/UAseco/plugins/plugin.mania_exchange.php

PLEASE help me
Learner Driver
18 November 2019 16:26:55  
Thanks for the report.


This is deprecated now, according to our API Documentation.

Instead, you must use each sites' search API directly by visiting the specified URL.

More info about that in the API Documentation, including all the enumeration values.

In short, we changed things at some point and UASECO hasn't been updated to work with the new way.

The plugin developer for UASECO would have to update their plugin to work with the current API.
Site Leader
Location: US
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