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2020 RPG Cup [titlepack]
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2020 RPG Cup [titlepack] 20 November 2019 12:20:14  
Hello mappers !

I am trying to organize RPG cup for next year and would need maps. I have contacted most of known rpg titlepack mappers but I would like to see maps from someone who isn't directly connected to the titlepack. This could be described as miniRPG cup, since maps will be from 2 minutes to 4, but we have some serious rpg maps with 4 min length so I leave it as "RPG Cup" for now.
Also, number of potential mappers/maps are crucial for organizing this cup and that's why I can't tell you anything more about this cup.

Here are some requirements for map submission :
Length : 2min - 4min
Style : RPG (mandatory usage of RPG elements such as balancing parts, narrow path, freewheeling, bw driving, controlled flips and every cool trick you come up with to be honest)
Blocks : Map MUST BE built with only rpg titlepack blocks (exception are some nadeo blocks which fit the map perfectly)
Mod : mandatory
- every kind of custom item or media is allowed, but map file should be under 4 MB to be playable online
- usage of new physics AKA "ZeRatoR blocks" are welcome, but not neccessary (there is specific folder in editor with different kind of physics items)

Deadline : early March 2020

For any more questions or/and suggestions, contact me on discord [ m-Guy #2789 ]
Last edited by m-Guy.OFF, 20 November 2019 12:22:47
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