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Location: Home  Community Forums  General Discussions  Wow, the Exchange is still alive? :D 
Wow, the Exchange is still alive? :D
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Wow, the Exchange is still alive? :D 29 January 2020 06:32:56  
Wow, I'm so happy to see that this is still here, in a new ManiaPlanet design! :d

I randomly stumbled upon a stream of the TrackMania Grand League on Youtube last week. I played A LOT back in 2005-2008, so I went on Steam, got Lagoon and Stadium, and now I'm hooked again!

I played around, built a few maps, then I thought: "I wonder if the Exchange is still around". And IT IS! :d

I'm also happy to see that the MTC is still running, and that it says "Since 2006" in the description. I'm the one who started the MTC by posting a thread every month, which was later turned into a sub-forum on it's own, like the set-up still used today. When I left (around 2008), someone took over and kept organizing it for me. I cant believe you guys are still able to come up with new themes every month and are running the contest so consistently.

I also ran a TMU blog, which was later incorporated into the TMU Exchange, but which I left soon thereafter as I stopped playing. The move to user generated blogs that I see the Exchange now has is a brilliant idea :d

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi. Might upload a Lagoon map at some point, but mostly I'm just happy to see the community is still thriving. I feel like I'm 16 years old again :o :p
Learner Driver
01 February 2020 18:47:34  
Hey Jozii! Nice to see you around! Thanks for the message! It made me smile. :d

And thanks for starting the MTC all those years ago! I can't imagine TMX/MX without it.

Feel free to drop by on Discord sometime. It's where most of us hang out these days. :d
Site Leader
Location: US
06 February 2020 17:09:50  
Hi Jozii,

Welcome back, nice to see you!!! - Check out the TMOne environments as well (TMOne Alpine and soon to be re-released TMOne Speed)

Surely Retired
Location: GB
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