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10 Months of MX Crew Support - Road to 80 Supporters
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10 Months of MX Crew Support - Road to 80 Supporters 10 March 2020 16:21:54  

Hello ManiaExchange Community,

10 months ago we rolled out an update to MX that enabled you to support our work. A few days ago we have reached 50 individual MX supporters. We wanted to thank you for believing in our work!(l)

With the accumulated money, the MX crew members got a fair share in return for their work and we've been able to pay domain costs. We were also able to purchase a new domain for the next Trackmania game: trackmania.exchange!

Your support helped to motivate us to push ManiaExchange further forward - with new site updates and engagement to foster a healthy community.

The next huge updates being rolled out to MX soon, including the release of ItemExchange, are statements of our commitment to the future of this game. If you want to support our continuous efforts and contributions, please consider supporting us and help us to reach the goal of 80 concurrent supporters!

Depending on the amount of new supporters since this post, we'll tease some of the upcoming features early...:smirk:

To summarize, let's look back at the activities from our side during that year:
  • Released further, major site updates for TM2 mx
  • Started hosting the now running Backgrounds Contest
  • Released Startrack², a community made campaign
  • Started development on ItemExchange
  • Started development on new major updates for TM2 mx
  • Hosted the CCP, with   eFFecT doing all of the videos
  • Released a MX Signpack
  • Updated the MXMas winter mods & provided them as a base for the TMGL Winter mod
  • Hosted MTC and MX KnockOuts regularly
  • Used our social media to support creators and players of our community
  • Being on standby 24/7 on our Discord, helping out fellow community members with their questions and requests

At last, we also wanted to thank you for engaging yourself in our community and being a part of it. Your contributions - may it be maps, replays, awards or support - all of them matter a lot to us.:heart:

the ManiaExchange Crew
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
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