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CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT 2021 - Sign up now! 2021-10-26 18:40:07  

What is the Christmas Calendar Project?

The Christmas Calendar Project (CCP) is an annual mapping event hosted by ManiaExchange. Every day of December, up until Christmas, a map will be released as a little present on both ManiaExchange and TrackmaniaExchange. With over a decade of history, we are happy to announce the 2021 edition of CCP! Everybody can participate.

There is no judging, no prize pool, no winner, just pure mapping and having a great time.

If you are also interested into building for TrackmaniaExchange, check this thread out.


Participation rules

  • Write me a Direct Message on Discord (ThaumicTom#7179, must be on MX discord) and let me know your preferred date and your MX Username.

    • Dates will work on a “first come, first serve” basis
    • If all dates are assigned already, you still can participate for the 24th and 25th day of December
    • If you really, really want an already assigned date, please notify me over Discord DMs.

  • If you want to participate, you must guarantee your map having progress for your chosen date until Nov 26.
  • Please keep any information about your date choice or map progress private for yourself (and the contributors of the map, if any), keep the surprise factor for everyone
  • multiple submissions per uploader possible

Map rules

  • Your map must be at least 35 seconds long, there is no set maximum
  • Duo maps, trio maps, etc. are allowed. Anyone may build the map with you or contribute to it
  • All styles are allowed (For MX, all titlepacks and any kind of envimixing is allowed)

    • Exceptions (Do not build)

      • Trial maps (RPG maps are allowed)
      • Lunatic maps (like luck based or kacky maps)
      • Press-forward maps
      • Maps that require 3rd party addons (Openplanet) or resources (non-embedded items/blocks/mods/etc)
      • LOL maps
      • Repurposed maps (e.g. originally built for other competitions or for other games like TMNF or TM2020) are heavily discouraged

    • We encourage your map to be

      • creative! You can do anything you want as long as it doesn’t fall in one of the aforementioned exceptions
      • playable (your map should be at least finishable by everyone)
      • readable (no blind jumps, signage, GPS, no brutal pathfinding for rpg maps)
      • respawnable
      • low in display cost (try to stay under 30k, however it’s not a big deal if its over)
      • winter-themed (use x-mas/winter mods, x-mas signs and items, links below)

  • Please keep your map within a reasonable display cost
  • Trackname: CCP#XX - Trackname (e.g.: "CCP#03 - Frozen Brakes")

Submission rules

  • Your map must be ready 7 days before the date you assigned.
  • Please also send me a replay with a clean run of your map on Discord (ThaumicTom#7179). Author run works too.
  • Your map must be scheduled for upload at least 48 hours before your assigned date (Please schedule your map for 12:00 / 12 pm UTC time. Current time in UTC, Your time to UTC converter)
  • After the map has been uploaded, no changes are allowed
  • If under any circumstance you cannot participate anymore, please contact us as early as possible (before Nov 26)


Days with the :wait: symbol are available to take. Days with the :done: symbol are already assigned.

Day 1 / :done:
Day 2 / :done:
Day 3 / :done:
Day 4 / :done:
Day 5 / :done:
Day 6 / :done:
Day 7 / :done:
Day 8 / :done:
Day 9 / :done:
Day 10 / :done:
Day 11 / :done:
Day 12 / :done:
Day 13 / :done:
Day 14 / :done:
Day 15 / :done:
Day 16 / :done:
Day 17 / :done:
Day 18 / :done:
Day 19 / :done:
Day 20 / :done:
Day 21 / :done:
Day 22 / :done:
Day 23 / :done:
Day 24 / :done:

Useful resources and links




Other CCPs

Don't hesitate to contact me over Discord (ThaumicTom#7179) or MX for any questions regarding participating, submission and map progress.

Happy mapping! ;)
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