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Track information Report track
Name : MTC - elevated
Author :
Author Time : 01:40.859
Track ID : 180459 
Environment : Canyon / CanyonCar
Style / Diff. : Race / Intermediate
Track Value :  23
Version : 30 December 2019 18:34:05
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released 
Mappack : MTC December 2019
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyon Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 30 December 2019 18:34:05 Map Type : Race
Mood : Day Routes : Single
Length : 1 m 45 s Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 3833 Laps : (none)
Emb. Items Size : 0 KB Parser : MX
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 01:40.859   Lars 23 (100%) 30-12-19
 01:45.212   Larentz 22.08 (96%) 14-01-20
 01:46.559   Plaste 21.16 (92%) 31-12-19
 01:47.185    eyebo.wp 20.24 (88%) 13-01-20
 01:49.188   dragonpntm 19.32 (84%) 30-12-19
 01:58.057   error 18.4 (80%) 30-12-19
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
This is my entry for the December MTC of 2019

Theme of the Month: Power of Two², your map has to be built inside a box of volume 256

As usual I wanted to find an interesting twist on the theme. A 8x8x4 or 16x8x2 box is probably the easiest way of going about this theme since it's quite similar to a standard track layout, so I wanted to try and make the map as vertical as possible.
At first I wanted to use a 2x4x32 box but I quickly realized that the whole map would only consist of U-turn -> chicane -> U-turn -> chicane.. so it wouldn't be really interesting.
Because of that I went for a 4x4x16 layout and I think it worked out great. But that wasn't enough, I wanted to include atleast one more unique thing, which became these elevator/teleport objects. I already used this concept before in a kopoop map but I found out that they are fairly consistent and smooth if you build them in a specific angle and distance. I wouldn't say that it's actually good for hunting though as you bug through the elevator quicker if your car is angled because it's occupying more area. But other than that I am really happy with the first 1:30 of the track, I think that the elevator objects and the tight canyon tech mesh really well together.

However I think I need to address the ending. I wanted to try something special for the end and was reserving space for it the whole time while building. The idea was to combine multiple elevator objects into one with a few twists and turns. But the mechanic isn't quite consistent enough for that. I probrably worked on that ending for over 5 hours and eventually got it to a point where it's consistent if your car goes down the wallride perfectly straight (and from the respawn of course), you can slightly influence that by braking or releasing but it's not perfect. I tried to do a lot of damage control by putting invisible walls around the elevator but occasionally the car can just bug through those aswell. I couldn't get myself to delete the section since I put so much effort into it, so I hope you can atleast appreciate the idea and the rest of the track.

 Embedded objects66 Objects
Object Object author
1-3-5_RoadRaceToArenaBridgeBaseMirror.Block.Gbx eyebo
1-3-6_RoadRaceToArenaBridgeBase.Block.Gbx eyebo
6-1-3RoadMainToGP-Left.Block.Gbx eyebo
6-1-3RoadMainToGP-Right.Block.Gbx eyebo
6-6-4PodelBridge2.Block.Gbx lars1998
6-6-5PodelBridge2.Block.Gbx lars1998
Block101.Block.Gbx lars1998
Block242.Block.Gbx lars1998
Block34.Block.Gbx lars1998
C-LOra.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-LYel.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-RoadBarrierFence.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-Left.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-Right.Item.gbx xrayjay
CanyonArenaRampCurve4.Item.Gbx lars1998
CP12M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
CP20M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
CP40M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
CP64M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
Item774.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7741.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7742.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7743.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7744.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7746.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7747.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7748.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item77488.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7749.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item775.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7750.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7757.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item777.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item778.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item779.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item780.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item781.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item783.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item784.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item785.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item786.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item787.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item788.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item790.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item792.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item794.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item795.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item796.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item797.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item798.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item799.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item7992.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item800.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item801.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item802.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item803.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item804.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item805.Item.Gbx lars1998
Item806.Item.Gbx lars1998
CanyonCurve1.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformToFlatN.Item.gbx lars1998
CanyonPlatformFlatN2.Item.gbx TGYoshi
FlatToSteepArenaTunnel.Item.Gbx eyebo
RoadRaceClipRemover10.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
RoadRaceClipRemover10.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
RoadRaceClipRemover9.Block.Gbx trackmaniadude
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