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by  ben3847  |  25
AT   00:41.045 |  Valley / ValleyCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  111111 
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 2017-07-25 22:36:40
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:40.717  Mad.dox 25 (100%) 11-02-17
2nd   00:40.976  Hubble 20 (80%) 09-02-17
3rd   00:40.990  div 16.25 (65%) 08-02-17
4th   00:41.398  Nixotica 13.75 (55%) 06-02-17
5th   00:41.840  Racho 11.5 (46%) 12-02-17
6th   00:42.328  Solide Zeehond 10 (40%) 20-09-22
7th   00:42.788  Minimariner 8.75 (35%) 03-02-22
8th   00:43.605  Roche 7.5 (30%) 05-07-22
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 Author Comments
111111st map on ManiaExchange

This is my second real valley map. When I started with this one I actually planned it to be totally different. No dirt and lots of tight technical corners. But I just couldn't quite get it how I wanted it to be. So I scrapped that and only kept the start. Now there is some dirt and it turned out to be nearly fullspeed, with only one release near the uphill curve.

When you are done with hunting for a good time on route there is also some stuff to explore besides that. The scenery was put together with love for the small details, nothing is where it is by accident. Route and scenery together add up to exactly 10000 display cost.

Next up I made some delicate media tracker.

:done: Intro
:done: Help

For the author time I tried to get below 41 seconds so I could set the gold medal to 41 seconds, but that would have been a really hard gold medal and as I wasn't able to do that the gold medal is now a lot fairer.

:gold: 42 seconds
:silver: 43 seconds
:bronze: 46 seconds

Check out this video that contains this map by   Lars!

Ben out, have fun and don't forget to upload your replays! (brb)

Screen by   400r_
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