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 [90MC - 8] Sojourn

by   eyebo.wp  |  57
AT   01:06.483 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  134295 
 13 February 2018 04:56:08
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   01:04.047  quentin 57 (100%) 20-01-18
2nd   01:04.402  Mazer 45.6 (80%) 15-05-21
3rd   01:04.543  ad'Sneaky! 37.05 (65%) 18-01-18
4th   01:04.718  GDBiLL 31.35 (55%) 18-01-18
5th   01:04.978  gigon 26.22 (46%) 01-05-21
6th   01:06.008  Nighthawk 22.8 (40%) 19-01-18
7th   01:06.012  caansi 19.95 (35%) 16-01-18
8th   01:06.270   eyebo.wp 17.1 (30%) 16-01-18
9th   01:06.947  Psycho Joe 14.82 (26%) 17-01-18
10th   01:14.997  eFFecT 12.54 (22%) 10-05-20
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 Author Comments
Here's my map for the 8th edition of the 90MC. It's a contest where you're given a theme and 90 minutes to build a map on that theme.

The theme this time was that the start and finish had to be next to each other. I first built a 30 second track, but had more time left so went ahead and extended it to 1 minute.

I wasn't too happy with the finish at the time the contest ended. But it's grown on me, and I'm quite happy with the track overall.

Also, I was 3 minutes late when uploading because I noticed a floating block and had to recompute shadows and validate again. :'( So I'll get a small point deduction for that.

No MediaTracker this time due to time constraints.


Update: Changed signs. Kept the same UID. No blocks were changed.

Results are out. I placed 11th out of 22 entries. Quite happy with that considering I had a penalty for posting late (would have been 6th otherwise), and also there were some amazing entries I was up against. Thanks to fredair for hosting this edition.
 Embedded objects9 Objects
Object IX? Object author
C_ArrowOra.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-CPsmall.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-LOra.Item.gbx xrayjay
CanyonPlatformBnFTransS.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformFlatN.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformToFlatN.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformFlatN2.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformToFlatN2.Item.gbx TGYoshi
FlatCPwide_eyebo.Item.gbx xrayjay
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