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Track information Report track
Name : SL01 F1-Kit-Test
Author :
Author Time : 04:45.551
Track ID : 141223 
Environment : Lagoon / StadiumCar
Style / Diff. : Multilap / Beginner
Track Value :  16
Version : 16 May 2018 15:57:04
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : Trackmania_2 Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 16 May 2018 15:57:04 Map Type : Race
Mood : Sunset Routes : Single
Length : 5 min Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 6042 Laps : 3
 Offline records Vehicle: StadiumCar
Record User Score Date
 04:45.551   Demented 16 (100%) 16-05-18
 04:52.766   Nighthawk 15.36 (96%) 18-05-18
 05:25.133   jackino 14.72 (92%) 16-05-18
 05:39.170   Toa Of Justice 14.08 (88%) 03-06-18
 05:47.948   OLDA_X 13.44 (84%) 19-05-18
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
NOTE Aug. 19, 2018: An updated version is now available with 50% less aggressive curbs.
SL01 F1-Kit-v2

This is an Enviro-mixed map using Stadium Car in Lagoon Environment.
It was made and meant to be run in the style of Open Wheel Racing.
It is also a test and example map for my Lagoon-F1-Item Kit, showing ways to use the items in the kit.
Have fun!

The Lagoon Open Wheel Item Kit can be found F1-Kit Full&Revised
 Embedded objects
Object Object author
Barrier-1.Item.Gbx demented
Barrier-2.Item.Gbx demented
BaseSand1.Item.Gbx demented
BaseSand2.Item.Gbx demented
BaseSand3.Item.Gbx demented
Support-1.Item.Gbx demented
Support-2.Item.Gbx demented
Wall-0.Item.Gbx demented
Wall-1.Item.Gbx demented
Wall-2.Item.Gbx demented
Wall-3.Item.Gbx demented
Wall-4.Item.Gbx demented
Wall-5.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Pit.Item.Gbx demented
F1-PitCurveL.Item.Gbx demented
F1-PitCurveR.Item.Gbx demented
F1-PitEnter.Item.Gbx demented
F1-PitExit.Item.Gbx demented
F1-TransitionL.Item.Gbx demented
F1-TransitionR.Item.Gbx demented
PitBox.Item.Gbx demented
Stands.Item.Gbx demented
Arch1.Item.Gbx demented
Arch2.Item.Gbx demented
Caution1.Item.Gbx demented
Caution2.Item.Gbx demented
Sign-Wall.Item.Gbx demented
SignDown.Item.Gbx demented
SignLeft.Item.Gbx demented
SignRight.Item.Gbx demented
SignUp.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Slope1.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Slope2.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Slope3.Item.Gbx demented
F1-SlopeCurve1BL.Item.Gbx demented
F1-SlopeCurve1BR.Item.Gbx demented
F1-SlopeCurve1TL.Gbx demented
F1-SlopeCurve1TR.Gbx demented
F1-SlopeCurve2L.Item.Gbx demented
F1-SlopeCurve2R.Item.Gbx demented
F1-45CurveA.Item.Gbx demented
F1-45CurveB.Item.Gbx demented
F1-45Straight.Item.Gbx demented
F1-ChicR.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Curve1.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Curve2.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Curve3.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Curve4.Item.Gbx demented
F1-End.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Grid.Item.Gbx demented
F1-Straight.Item.Gbx demented
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