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Friday, August 19, 2011 (3533 days ago)
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8-| Hi guys!
Greetingsl to everyone in my profile . I'm man and My real name is Olda
I was born 7th November 1962 in Prague, which is the capital of Czech Republic. I am 56 years old at the moment. But as all of you can see I still play as if being a little child and I'm happy that it's still this way +o(

my trackmania games
I playing trackmania for a very long time and I own almost all the original release of this game
I own: TrackMania Original , TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme , TrackMania Nations , TrackMania United Forever. For a long time I was expecting the arrival of the Trackmania 2 Canyon and I was one of the first buyer and one of the first user of the tm.mania-exchange.com :d Currently I also own the valley and the stadium environment.

my trackmania history
At present I am one of the longest playing user in this game :o :d Vast majority of my old friends left this game long ago. There are just the small rest of original enthusiasts :d
I am fully active in this game since year 2005
At tmx I registered in year 2006 (TMN)

My website

you could try my tracks:

Advanced fullspeed (Valley)

Advanced noslider (Canyon)

Intermediate slider (Canyon)

Intermediate fullspeed (Canyon)

Easy fullspeed (Canyon)

Intermediate fullspeed (Canyon)
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