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by  SioulB JLM  |  30
AT   00:37.847 |  Valley / ValleyCar   |   Advanced 
ID  224062 
  Fullspeed Dirt Mixed    
 2022-01-23 21:02:21
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:37.699  SioulB JLM 30 (100%) 24-01-22
2nd   00:37.844  supertotoche 24 (80%) 24-01-22
3rd   00:37.884  Minimariner 19.5 (65%) 08-02-22
4th   00:38.503  xp-rabit 2 16.5 (55%) 06-02-22
5th   00:39.003  Roche 13.8 (46%) 03-07-22
6th   00:39.877  sTeImOlO 12 (40%) 24-01-22
7th   00:40.453  Zarock 10.5 (35%) 29-01-22
8th   00:40.617  ArkesTM 9 (30%) 09-02-22
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 Author Comments


Hey ManiaExchange !

New map after less than a month, ig I was fast this time :thinking:
As I'm currently stuck at home because of CoViD (that's from where the name comes from), I wanted to take some of my free time to make a new track (I don't have anything else to do ngl)
More dirt, more techy but 38 sec (it was a long time since I didn't make a <40 sec map ahah !)
Surprisely, the map is totally fullspeed (well with dirt, I should say that you can play the map without releasing the accelerator lol). BUT it is hard to achieve it, believe me :p
This map also gives me the opportunity to use/check some of   Larentz's objects/items (available on IX) so I feel I should thank him because damn his work is incredible :o
If you like the map, feel free to :award: it and a feedback will be greatly appreciated !

Some informations :

  • HQ-Shadows :done:
  • Coppers : 7 208 :build:
  • Mediatracker :
    - Intro :done:
    - GPS :done: => 37.90
    - Outro :done:
    - Podeum :done:

Have fun and see you on the tracks ! :cool:

 Embedded objects55 Objects
Object IX? Object author
FarmSilo.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
SBails3.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
RoundAbout3.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Rock2.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Rock3.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Rock4.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodPile.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
ArrowLN.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
ArrowRN.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
DSRoadClosed1.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Rock5.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
StoneRing.Gbx tomhellrider1966
BarrierLong.Gbx tomhellrider1966
SmallWDFence.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodHut.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodP1.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
V-BigRoadDown.Item.gbx xrayjay
V-BigRoadLeft.Item.gbx xrayjay
V_Left.Item.gbx xrayjay
V-MarkerPole2.Item.gbx xrayjay
V_WoodPortal.Item.gbx xrayjay
V_Woodshed.Item.gbx xrayjay
bo5.Item.Gbx SLAYER
ValleyDecoTreesSmallVoid.Block.Gbx Larentz
ValleyFieldEntry_Road2Way1.Block.Gbx Larentz
ValleyRoad2WayStartSmall1.Block.Gbx Larentz
ValleyRoadDirtRandom1.Block.Gbx Larentz
ValleyRoadForestLargeClipRemover_Single.Block.Gbx Larentz
TerrainRemover.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Deep_Entrance_CliffRoadSlope.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Deep_Turn.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Low_Entrance_ChicaneLeft.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Low_Entrance_HillStraight.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Low_StraightDirtViaduct.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Low_Turn.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Low_Turn2x2.Block.Gbx JR1988
V_DT_Low2Deep_HillStraight.Block.Gbx JR1988
BridgeToDirtLargeSlopeModified.Item.Gbx sioulb
Deco1.Item.Gbx sioulb
DirtLarge90.Item.Gbx sioulb
DirtLargeCPNoBarrierLeft.Block.Gbx sioulb
DirtLargeCPNoBarrierLeftNoPillar.Block.Gbx sioulb
DirtLargeNoTree.Block.Gbx sioulb
SignSupportOnly.Item.Gbx sioulb
V_DT_Deep_Entrance_CliffStraight.Block.Gbx sioulb
Panneau item.Item.Gbx sioulb
Panneau2 item.Item.Gbx sioulb
Panneaux item.Item.Gbx sioulb
Panneaux2 item.Item.Gbx sioulb
MountainBetterGround.Item.Gbx sioulb
NoTreeForest.Block.Gbx sioulb
Road2WayForestToDirtNoTreeSmooth2.Block.Gbx sioulb
Road2WayNoClip.Block.Gbx sioulb
Road2WayToRoad4WayLeftBetterTexture.Block.Gbx sioulb
Road4WayToRoad2Way2x1EntryGrass.Block.Gbx sioulb
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SmurfsCup Valley maps  HaagseSmurf 617
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