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Mania Exchange information
Name : The Very Hungry Caterpillar :)
Author :
Version :20 June 2017 07:52:18
Uploaded :29 September 2012 13:44:10
Track ID : 25447 
Track Value :  219
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Track details
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyonMod : (none)
Map Type : RaceStyle : Fullspeed
Environment : CanyonRoutes : Single
Length : 45 secsDiff. : Intermediate
Disp. Cost : 5940Laps : (none)
Mood : NightVehicle : CanyonCar
Author Time : 00:41.356Ghostblocks :
 Offline records
 00:41.123   edk219 (100%)19-05-15
 00:41.188   Keirabxtch210.24 (96%)15-03-14
 00:41.228   stevenamtaan201.48 (92%)30-09-12
 00:41.241   C4Freak192.72 (88%)30-09-12
 00:41.246   Mortex -745-183.96 (84%)12-04-15
 00:41.311   Patriot175.2 (80%)04-10-12
 00:41.315   NotCompatible166.44 (76%)11-04-13
 00:41.428   Jarektmnx157.68 (72%)15-03-14
 00:41.441   Snip'thib148.92 (68%)03-10-12
 00:41.504   Nim140.16 (64%)29-09-12
 00:41.518   Intrepid War131.4 (60%)04-10-12
 00:41.628   Mr.DVD122.64 (56%)18-10-12
 00:41.688   Nesrally113.88 (52%)01-10-12
 00:41.693   s i c105.12 (48%)15-06-13
 00:41.716   Hartenbach96.36 (44%)18-10-12
 00:41.781   JakeOIL87.6 (40%)29-09-12
 00:41.821   div78.84 (36%)01-10-12
 00:41.848   XCaliber70.08 (32%)05-10-12
 00:41.856   XT kruemelyeti61.32 (28%)29-09-12
 00:41.926   Ropesbart52.56 (24%)07-10-12
 00:42.060   ymce43.8 (20%)30-09-12
 00:42.131   invader_zim35.04 (16%)01-12-14
 00:42.211   DeMeNs26.28 (12%)29-09-12
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 PlayPal Online records
1 00:41.493   gado 8/2/2013
2 00:41.775   FT»Lodec 8/27/2013
3 00:41.828   banjee 1/10/2014
4 00:41.921   XT kruemelyeti 7/29/2013
5 00:42.023   bartsimpson94 2/5/2014
6 00:42.025   s i c 8/2/2013
7 00:42.058   Cxom 8/2/2013
8 00:42.188   east 9/7/2013
9 00:42.758 ambystoma 7/29/2013
10 00:42.780   poivrot 8/4/2013
 Author Comments
Hey there! :)
Quite many new tracks by me at this time. To be honest, I built this one back in June during the screenshot competition of Butterflies in a Hurricane.
I never gave it the final kick, it just layed there somewhere in my map-folder. I don't know why I waited so long, but now after some fine tuning yesterday, I guess it's right about time to release this little, unworried map into the unforeseenable depths of the world wide web.
I'll be happy, if you go and check it out, feedback is welcome! :)

Thanks to my beta testers JakeOIL, Sqweegel and marcel le poivrot! (I'm not sure, if they all remember that they tested my track a few months ago, but they actually did. :p) I also hope that you haven't missed my duo-maps with Jake and Sqweegel, otherwise you can find them here again:

So the last thing that's left to say is that I hope you already hit that download button or do it right now. And don't forget to tell me how do you like it. ;)

Thanks for awarding!
- md (Thank you for this fast award, glad you like it! :))
- Humble (Thank you for awarding! ;))
- JakeOIL (These are some warm and ncie words. Thanks for that! :d I was surprised by myself how much potential there is when I drove my AT. I bet it's possible to get 0:41:1x, but you must be crazy about TM to be able to drive such times. :p)
- DemenS (Thanks for the award! It's great to hear for me that the fun does not only lie on the actual road, but can be also found beside it. :d)
- marti (Thanks you a load, I am glat thad you enjoyd it! ;))
- Intrepid War (I always like to hear different opinions and that's exactly what I see when I compare your award with the one by md. :d To be honest I feel a little sorry for you that my track makes you raging so much, but it makes me even more happy, because you gave me this award anyway. Don't stop practicing! :))
- Nimrod (Thanks for awarding! :) My intention when I built this track was to get back to the basics again. ^^ I always tried to improve from track to track, but after "Butterflies in a Hurricane" I didn't feel like I've build a good map, it rather felt like I created some kind of art. So I didn't want to improve anymore, I wanted to go this step back, so I can move forward again. :p Nice replay by the way! ;))
- Mr.DVD (Thank you for the award! ;))
- gadowldosd (Thank you a lot for your feedback and the award! :))
- Sqweegel (Thanks for awarding, I'm glad you like it! :))
- Banjee (You can't imagine how much these words mean to me. Thank you for this compliment and I'm happy to hear that my track isn't only fun to drive, but is also inspiring. You're awesome! :d)
- C4 Freak (Thank you for awarding, really nice replay! ;))
- stevenamtaan (Thanks for your award, the nice words and of course for the great replay! :d)
- ymce (Thank you for the award, I'm glad you like the track! :))
- Nesrally (Thanks for awarding! Funny to see how this fake finish divides the minds. :d)
- Alex BF (Thank you for the award! ;))
- XCaliber (Thank you very much for awarding! :))
- Ropesbart (There is a coherence between my last 2 maps! My subconscious must be a genius. Thanks for the award and the enlightenment! :|)
- Hans Holo (Thanks for the award! :d)
- Hartenbach (Thank you for awarding! ;))
- Voyager006 (Thanks for awarding, I'm glad you wasn't, haha. :d)
- s' (Thanks for your award! :))
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