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Location: Home  Find Tracks  haenry's Tracks  hayw!re 
Track information Report track
Name : hayw!re
Author :
Author Time : 00:49.445
Track ID : 37877 
Environment : Canyon / CanyonCar
Style / Diff. : Race / Intermediate
Track Value :  15
Version : 22 July 2017 03:50:40
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released 
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyon Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 29 April 2013 13:55:09 Map Type : Race
Mood : Sunset Routes : Single
Length : 45 secs Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 5755 Laps : (none)
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:49.972   Voyager006 15 (100%) 29-04-13
 00:50.246   ymce 14.4 (96%) 30-04-13
 00:50.674   Falkers 13.8 (92%) 29-04-13
 00:52.827    eyebo.wp 13.2 (88%) 27-05-13
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 PlayPal Online records
Position Record Player Date
1 01:13.939   astronaut 11/29/2014
 Author Comments
This track took me a long time to build, so that I'm very glad it's finished and released now!
My aim on this track were the fresh transitions. Especially the start is very different from everything I have seen so far. I think that I was very successful in being creative and finding new combinations. Next to the start there are also 2 other transitions, which haven't been used in any map I've seen so far and I've seen a lot of maps. I hope you'll agree :d

Little hint for the start: You have to do some stunting! If you really struggle with it, you should just take a look at the GPS or remember what was shown in the Intro.
I'm not sure if this track is great hunter due to the high amount of transitions, but I can tell it's a lot of fun to race it!

The screenshot is made by me
(2560x1440) (1920x1080)

All I have left to say:
Let's get haywire!!!

Thank you for your awards guys! I really enjoy reading all your kind words <3
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