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by  gado  |  54
AT   00:43.594 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  49165 
 25 July 2017 20:35:04
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Record User Score Date
 00:42.096  Talkie 54 (100%) 12-09-19
 00:42.748  quentin 51.84 (96%) 05-12-15
 00:42.978  eriik991 49.68 (92%) 14-09-13
 00:43.056  _firestorrm 47.52 (88%) 05-12-15
 00:43.558  gado 45.36 (84%) 14-09-13
 00:43.606  captain_cavern 43.2 (80%) 22-10-14
 00:43.628  davidator2014 41.04 (76%) 22-10-14
 00:44.092   eyebo.wp 38.88 (72%) 10-02-19
 00:44.228  ymce 36.72 (68%) 17-09-13
 00:47.461  wwjd-116 34.56 (64%) 11-10-18
 00:50.244  Keirabxtch 32.4 (60%) 28-09-13
 00:50.244  Keirabxtch 32.4 (60%) 28-09-13
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 Author Comments
Hey mx!
I'll just tell some shit about my track.. I started right away with the wish of building a track without really testing because that takes so much time. I actually don't think the track has got too basic and simple and I'm happy with the result^^ I also built the scenery without much placing the car to see what it looks like while driving. I built many big signs, because they take a lot of space, can look kinda good and lead well :> Well I have to admit I changed some spots that were just too unfitting, there's 3 of them.. it's only minor changes tho.

no MT here, I was just too lazy :/

difficulty is set to Intermediate, but it may be hard for some rusty eyebos players =p since there's some sections where you have to react quickly, so quite techy if you ask me

:award: 43.59 nice time? NO erik prove me wrong :c
:gold: 47.00
:silver: 53.00
:bronze: 1:06.00

the awesome screen is by eyebo. thanks!! =D you just have to love that font! 1920x1488

Thank you!
:gold: eriik991 Thanks! ;)
:gold: s'habba.hu Thank you :)
:gold: nibor (y):)
:gold: ymce Thank you :cool:
:gold: iBo:d:d
:gold: basbaas wow dats some serious swag u got there :d
:gold: T!K Thanks for your kind words (l):)
:gold: cicero(l):d
:gold: kruemel Thanks ^-^
:gold: Lodec(l)(l)
:gold: edk:d(y)

feel free to comment/award or upload a replay yourself.

for eyebo c: latest Canyon map
and the SpeedMapping
that's so far it.. Have Fun!! ;)
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