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 Jackalope Jumble

by   eyebo.wp  |  383
AT   00:45.366 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  9654 
 2017-07-23 14:34:43
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Title Channel By
My Canyon Tracks (2011-2015) eyebo   eyebo.wp
"Jackalope Jumble" by eyebo (720p) eyebo   eyebo.wp
Unintentional Stunts 3 eyebo   eyebo.wp
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:43.247  Larentz 383 (100%) 21-01-19
2nd   00:43.504  Mortex -745- 367.68 (96%) 19-05-17
3rd   00:43.548  edk 352.36 (92%) 05-04-15
4th   00:43.757  Eternity 337.04 (88%) 02-11-20
5th   00:43.831  eriik991 321.72 (84%) 23-02-13
6th   00:43.907  Keirabxtch 306.4 (80%) 04-02-16
7th   00:43.922  bnn.bckwrst 291.08 (76%) 16-11-11
8th   00:43.948  Patriot 275.76 (72%) 11-04-15
9th   00:44.082  SPIDER 260.44 (68%) 16-11-11
10th   00:44.084  Lima 245.12 (64%) 22-05-12
11th   00:44.147  BrummHummel 229.8 (60%) 03-12-11
12th   00:44.298  Themaniac2 214.48 (56%) 04-12-11
13th   00:44.598  .dejavu 199.16 (52%) 14-11-11
14th   00:44.757  Kerebatem 183.84 (48%) 22-01-12
15th   00:44.955  pepsimax 168.52 (44%) 15-11-11
16th   00:44.974  chuckie 153.2 (40%) 05-05-12
17th   00:45.028  .Dotchy « 137.88 (36%) 17-11-11
18th   00:45.115   eyebo.wp 122.56 (32%) 13-11-11
19th   00:45.244  peteypablo7 107.24 (28%) 17-11-11
20th   00:45.318  aurelien81000 91.92 (24%) 23-05-12
21st   00:45.368  banjee»UD 76.6 (20%) 13-11-11
22nd   00:45.500  NKAc_Street 61.28 (16%) 18-11-11
23rd   00:45.582  Jarektmnx 45.96 (12%) 22-11-11
24th   00:45.891  stevenamtaan 30.64 (8%) 01-03-12
25th   00:46.078  versnellingspook 15.32 (4%) 16-12-11
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 Author Comments
Here's my track built for the XR 5th Anniversary Contest. Congrats to XR for 5 years as a team! (y)

So, this was one of 16 tracks submitted, and one of the 7 tracks that won. It actually placed 6th, but the top7 were considered winners. :d

Thanks to the XRated team for putting on the contest! (y) Thanks also to the judges... Mr.Bones, Keras, Kaito, Schandmaul, tmjonas, freeky, maupi, and W33D.

A quote from one of the judges, tmjonas:

Good one! Nothing too spectacular, but you focused on the right things: fairness and fun. Yet, other things don't miss out; the pipe jump is a good example.The difficulty level is just right, therefore the track is well suitable for online play/competitions. If I were to tell something negative about the map, I couldn't really. It's just that it could've been a bit more thrilling and diverse.

Thanks tmjonas. :d

It was played on the XR-Contest server for an entire day on November 12th. Every day is a different challenge. The special challenge for the 12th was to drive as close to my AT as possible. If you drove exactly my AT on the XR-Contest server, you received 2000 planets automatically.

Here's a quote from the XR page where the track was introduced to the drivers on November 12th:

Second day, second Map: Jackalope Jumble from Eyebo is a great tech-track with some quite tricky spots. It gets insane fast in the mid-part and some of the drifts are bloodcurdling. It is mentionable that the track has subtle [blockmixing] in it. Not that it would have been important, because the track would be good enough without it! Thank you for that nice track, eyebo!

I tried to focus on the idea of using the quarter pipe blocks for something besides fullspeed loops, though I know I'm far from the first to do so.

This is my first blockmixed Canyon track. The mixes are fairly well hidden though. Mostly I just used them for decoration and blocking things off. tm2unlimiter is so amazing. :cool:

I hope you enjoy driving it as much as I did building it. (y)

Here's the medal times:
AT 45.36
:gold: 49.00
:silver: 55.00
:bronze: 1:09.00

I wasn't judged on MT for the contest, so it wasn't necessary to do any. Even so, I decided to do a simple outro, because I like the way they look. Please note, one of the triggers currently bugs and doesn't activate if you watch the outro online. I've seen it happen on a number of tracks. Nadeo should really fix the spectator mode. :$

hal.ko.Andy and DriftN|raph drove some amazing times the day before the competition started. I made a video with three of their replays. Check it out on YouTube!

It's by me. Here's the large size. Does anyone even care about the large size? :p Oh well, I made it, so I share it.

1st EvenYouBrutus? by adsun (played on the 11th)
2nd Jambalaya by sonny
3rd Realitätsverlust by sirc
4th Formosa by marius89
5th Stand By Me by SPIDER
6th Jackalope Jumble by eyebo (played on the 12th)
7th Reflexion by Robbit (played on the 13th)
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XR 5th Anniversary   Jak-Jak 5
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