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Sunday, May 3, 2015 (2083 days ago)
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 2 year ago
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Wasted time. X

Part-time mapper | I like minimalistic, aesthetic and experimental stuff

You should look up to them:
  Snake55wildcat <33
  Bytigato.wp Dirt favourite mapper.
  LionTrackmania Underrated, you should check him out!
  Clearvision.wp Favorite mapper, you probably already know who he is!
  ziyx Fullspeed guy.
  Hazard. Pasta bröther.

Personal best:
The 1st experimental and one of my best maps so far is actually 'Monument Valley', a collab with the one and only   Snake55wildcat that helped me a lot with my mania-exchange account giving me often (when needed) new tips for mapping. Be sure to check him out, if you didn't yet.

I've been working on a small big project called 'Chapter One: Sette' which took me over one year and half to finish and now it is officially released; check out the edit here! It's a pack of seven maps based on memories and thoughts that I had while making them, have fun and good luck hunting. Big thanks to everyone that helped me out through this map-pack, it is really appreciated.;)

I am taking a small break on building maps. :wait:
Not coming back for now.
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